“Giving Tuesday Now” – Great Results!


It’s the day after the quickly organized #GivingTuesdayNOW event on May 5, 2020, a day to support charities during COVID-19 pandemic. See the amazing results.

Many Engaging Networks clients this week took part in the first-ever #GivingTuesdayNow event, which aimed to unleash a wave of charitable giving similar to what we’ve seen from the “real” Giving Tuesday (the next one will be on Dec. 1, 2020) in recent years. This week’s hastily organized event was an effort to tap into the generosity many people feel right now, especially toward front-line charities that are addressing the awful COVID-19 pandemic that is claiming lives, imposing hardships and devastating the world economy.

We urged all of our clients to participate in this week’s event. To do our part, we announced in advance that Engaging Networks would waive all transaction fees on donations made on May 5th, to maximize the benefit to our clients’ causes.

Now that it’s over: Was #GivingTuesdayNow a success?

The results are in…

Total Amount Raised ($)$2,553,568$5,079,389
Total # of Donations39,53662,682
Average Donation Amount ($)$64.59$81.04
# Emails Sent by Engaging Networks Clients27,365,60949,069,392
Avg. Donation Amount ($) per Email Sent$ 0.0933$ 0.1035
Avg. # Donations per Email Sent0.00140.0013

Overall, this week’s GivingTuesdayNow event was a major success for the charities that participated.

GivingTuesdayNow generated proportionally very similar results to those of the real Giving Tuesday. Organizations sent out about half as many emails, compared to Giving Tuesday, and generated roughly half as many gifts and half the cash value from those gifts. These numbers are quite remarkable when you consider that this week’s event had way less awareness and promotion than the more established Giving Tuesday event has. Also, the real Giving Tuesday happens closer to the end of the U.S. tax year, at a time when U.S. donors are more willing to make larger gifts. This week’s event lacked that advantage.

It’s especially gratifying that the number of donations “per email sent” actually increased on Tuesday. By that particular measure, donors this week were even more responsive than donors have been on Giving Tuesday, which is fantastic.

Also impressive is the fact that the GivingTuesdayNow event was announced only a month ago, forcing fundraising teams to scramble to put together their campaigns. They rose to the challenge! It’s for times like these that we strive to enable our clients to spring into action, by keeping our tools as user-friendly as possible, especially our drag-n-drop Page-builder and email building tools, and our flexible, ready-to-use templates.

Our clients also showed terrific creativity in their campaigns on Tuesday. We’ve highlighted below some of our favorite emails, landing pages and lightboxes from these campaigns.

We are deeply grateful to all of our clients for the work they do to change the world and to give hope. That goes double at a time of global crisis. Keep up the great work! We will, too.

And now for some examples of clients’ work on #GivingTuesdayNOW


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