Ryann Miller

Hi I’m Ryann Miller, Director of Partnership at Grassriots, a strategic and creative agency that pushes boundaries. I partner with charities and nonprofits to use digital and integrated strategies for fundraising, marketing, advocacy and engagement. At Grassriots, we’re relationship-focused, and I’m the master of the coffee date. One of my passions is the state of digital maturity within the nonprofit sector – this is, as we all know, is a shape-shifting, amorphous, glorious beast of a thing that has redefined not just the work but also how we do the work. It’s messy and it’s fascinating.

I’ve been doing and learning digital for 15 years: most recently at Care2, where I helped to build the Canadian market, before moving to Grassriots. I’m big on sector growth, big on building relationships, and, as noted above, big on leveraging digital maturity to help organizations level up.

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