Engaging Networks Roadmap 2024


I mentioned to someone recently that 2024 will be one of the most exciting periods of innovation for Engaging Networks in the company’s history. Our central philosophy has always been to invest as much of the income earned from client subscriptions into product development as possible.

Over the past four years we have invested heavily in artificial intelligence through our sister company, Accessible Intelligence. The technology developed at Accessible Intelligence has led to non-profit marketing models delivering astounding outcomes for the Engaging Networks pilot clients. This technology is being adapted and deployed in the Engaging Networks toolset in 2024. Our plan is to supercharge the effectiveness of the Engaging Networks technology.

A summary of several key innovations is below.


Our new segmentation technology is at the heart of the enhancements coming to marketing automations, reporting, bulk messaging and data exports. This new function that we simply call ‘Segments’ will replace the current query builder technology and the profiles technology. We are delivering an intuitive UI, more flexibility in building custom segments, a section of default segments, and AI segments. 

segment builder engaging networks roadmap

Supporter Journeys

The sophisticated modeling in Accessible Intelligence won’t be replicated in Engaging Networks, but many of the core concepts will be adapted for Engaging Networks. One of these areas is Supporter Journeys. Imagine being able to automate personalized emails at critical junctures in a supporter journey to drive retention and increase engagement. When should the email be sent? Using Segments (as described above) we can adapt a core model against each client’s data to determine when they need to be communicating with supporters to reach marketing objectives.

engaging networks roadmap

Reporting & Analytics

Our new reporting pages are a significant revamp. For example, they will include a default dashboard across all supporter activity to highlight key new data and provide actionable insights. We will give clients a basic structure that combines “report categories” and “report types”. This will give us the ability to update and amend reports as needed.

engaging networks roadmap

Marketing Automation

In addition to a new UX, segments will make event-based triggers available in order to power marketing automations. Every automation will include a reporting overlay to provide insights and recommendations to improve outcomes.

engaging networks roadmap


The remarkable ability to build and customize any page type in page-builder will be expanded in 2024 to offer a simpler and more streamlined option. Our new page templates will also come with one important innovation: AI will recommend which templates are most likely to convert most effectively. Templates will also offer on-page editing within whatever blocks can be customized, replacing the more comprehensive slider in page-builder.

engaging networks roadmap

That’s not all!

engaging networks roadmap

2024 is the Year of AI for Nonprofits

Our deep experience working with artificial intelligence has led to the creation of a game-changing technology in the form of Accessible Intelligence. Our learnings will now supercharge the existing Engaging Networks tool set as a whole.

To learn how Accessible Intelligence has already leveraged the power of AI for nonprofit digital marketing, browse through the case studies in our resources section.

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