Engaging Networks Roadmap 2024

I mentioned to someone recently that 2024 will be one of the most exciting periods of innovation for Engaging Networks in the company’s history. Our central philosophy has always been to invest as much of the income earned from client subscriptions into product development as possible. Over the past four years we have invested heavily […]

Personalizing Your Fundraising Efforts to Make More for Your Cause (ft. UNHCR Canada)

At our 2023 edition of ENCC Toronto, Shairoze Walji, Donor Acquisition Manager at UNHCR Canada, presented on how her organization creates and facilitates donor journey experiences using Engaging Networks. Shairoze discussed all the steps that UNHCR Canada follows — from initial donation, to welcome journey, to various ways to ask and test for second gifts, to keeping donors informed and feeling appreciated.

Welcoming Some New Faces to Engaging Networks

hello and welcome

Join us in welcoming three new team members in the United States, Canada and Australia! We’re very excited to announce that three accomplished nonprofit sector professionals have just joined Engaging Networks this month, each in a newly created role to expand our team. This is super news for us, and for our steadily growing community of […]

Nonprofit Data Management: 6 Tips for Keeping Your Email List Clean and Organized

nonprofit data management email tips

Updated 3/29/23 Nonprofits are proud of their communities, often reflected in their large email lists, and rightly so. However, the quality of your supporters is more important than the quantity. Now is the perfect time to do some housekeeping and start your next fundraising email off with a clean and organized list of supporters. Here […]