Budget Considerations for an eCRM Change

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The end of your fiscal year is rapidly approaching and you need to change your eCRM – what should you do? Keep reading for tips on how to work an eCRM change into your budget approvals. The right change can help you win more campaigns and raise more money for your organization in the year […]

10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Selecting a New eCRM System

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This post is provided  courtesy of Engaging Networks Accredited Partner, Zuri Group So, you’re ready to transition to a new nonprofit eCRM system. But how do you know which platform will fulfill your needs? An electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) system transition requires thoughtful consideration of your team’s immediate needs and future goals. Before deciding which eCRM […]

Masterfully Manage Your eCRM with Master Dashboard


A small charity that has international offices pushing out their own emails. A mid-sized one working regionally with offices in major cities. A large charity with dispersed office around the globe raising funds and awareness in each of their localities. Managing a few or many chapters of an organization can be extremely frustrating. Until now. One […]