UK 2024 Election year- Are You Prepared?

UK Elections and advocacy platforms

At our Engaging Networks Community Conference in London, Paul De Gregorio, founder of Rally, Helen Hector, strategy director at Forward Action, Rhiannan Sullivan, vice president of strategy and partnerships at Care2, and Georgie Laming director of campaigns and communications at Hope Not Hate, shared insights and ideas on how organisations can maximise an election year […]

Top Donor Engagement Tips for End-of-Year Giving Success

boost your nonprofit’s year-end fundraising success with these proven donor engagement tips

Donor engagement is a critical component of a successful nonprofit fundraising initiative. And at the end of the year, giving is typically at an all-time high, spurred on by increasing levels of generosity throughout the holiday season⁠. That means strategically engaging with your supporters is a must.

10 Easy Optimizations to Advocacy Pages

Enjoy this list of ten easy optimizations for your advocacy pages. This will help your nonprofit or charity draw attention to your advocacy campaigns and boost conversions – ultimately changing the world for the better. I’m in the UK so many examples are based in the UK but these tools are all part of Engaging […]

Make a Thunderclap with Your Advocacy Actions

white house struck by lightning

Rock a serious thunderclap in Engaging Networks using our advocacy tools with a little planning and a simple setting. Thunderclap: Something startling or unexpected. You may (or may not) remember a pretty cool app called ‘Thunderclap’ that allowed you to rally supporters to submit social content and it would all be released at a time […]

Click to Call Advocacy: 7 Big Questions Answered

man texting on phone while smiling

We all love solid metrics that show the impact of our advocacy efforts, from campaign progress to conversion rates. It’s satisfying and necessary to be able to tell stakeholders 30,000 people took action on a particular issue. But are all those names really having the impact you need to move your issues forward? That’s a […]

Locating the Right Supporters with Geotargeting

atlas with red pin

Clear communications to the right audience improves the overall success of your campaigns and helps maintain the health of your list. Learn how our Geotargeting tool can help! Clear communications to the right audience improves the overall success of your campaigns and helps maintain the health of your list. There are times when you have […]

Send Your Supporters to Town Hall with Engaging Networks!

TV, newspapers and social media lately have been full of images of impassioned citizens voicing frustration with their Members of Congress at local district town hall meetings. It’s reminiscent of the early days of the Obama Administration, when town halls started turning into feisty forums in which people denounced big bank bailouts, the Affordable Care […]

Behind the Scenes of Inauguration Day

capital building in washington d.c.

The 45th President of the United States will be inaugurated on January 20, 2017. With all the attention paid to the most dramatic presidential election in recent memory, it’s easy to overlook all the new members of Congress and state elected officials that are also taking office that month. Engaging Networks software is designed to […]