3 Enhancements to our Email-to-Target Campaigns to “Up Your (Advocacy) Game”


Our page-builder functionality just got even better!

Since releasing our page-builder technology last summer, Engaging Networks clients have been transitioning from our legacy tools to a new, intuitive, wizard-based approach to building web pages. We are continually adding new features, including our recent Email-to-Target upgrade, which included many items on our clients’ wish lists.

Here are three updates that will give you even more control and impact in page-builder:

  1. It’s now possible to target TWO advocacy databases in one single campaign. No more choosing one database and “cc’ing” the other. Target the entire U.S. Congress by selecting the Senate and House of Representatives databases. Or target federal and provincial MPs. Target the state senate and the governor. Or target DC Comics and Marvel Comics – nobody is stopping you 😉
  2. Once you’ve selected two databases, you can now create a “redirect and filter” to target elected officials in each database, and to suppress other officials. This functionality allows you to apply a target list to your email-to-target pages so that only those supporters living in targeted districts can participate and send their message.
  3. Quickly create more than one message to your targets. These multiple messages can be set on rotation to display a different message to advocates when they arrive on the page. The messages can also be tied to a processing rule, so selected targets receive one version based on criteria such as chamber, party or state. Or send messages only to those whom you manually select (e.g. for “thank and spank” actions).

Take a moment to try out these nifty features today! Current clients can find detailed instructions on our Email-to-Target functionality on our Supportal. Or if you are not already an Engaging Networks client, you can request a free, personalized demo of our tools by completing the form below.

Happy campaigning!

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