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The Engaging Networks platform supports state, national and international organizations to grow their community and effectively move supporters up the ladder of engagement.

We are privileged to work with dozens of small and large nonprofits. Many of the international groups we support use our technology in up to 12 different countries. One of the reasons is the capacity of our software to support any language.

Latest articles from the blog

What's in your wallet?

Everyone in the United States has seen the advertisements for Capital One credit cards. You know, the ads with Samuel L Jackson that always end with the Capital One catch phrase: 'What's in your wallet?' There's a suggestion that whatever card is in your wallet says something about you, and if you're not carrying a Capital One card it's time for a switch. Somehow, and I'm still not sure how, this got me thinking about Engaging Networks and the competitive market we're in.


Our North American Community Conference was held in Washington DC about two weeks ago. I can’t properly express how much I enjoy both the North American and the London events. There is an exciting buzz for two days as clients talk to other clients sharing ideas, and everyone learns how to leverage our tools to support their organizational objectives. It’s a moment of connection with clients and agency partners that gives perspective to the daily commitment of our team throughout the year. What we do matters to an awful lot of individuals and non-profits.

I can't wait for Saturday night

According to an online news source, Saturday night is the peak time for people streaming movies on Netflix. Amazingly, Netflix alone is responsible for 30% of the downstream bandwidth of the entire United States during peak periods! That's a lot of people staying home. This coming Saturday I'll be at home, waiting for our technology team to release some very cool new technology. It's going to be more exciting than anything I could find on Netflix. Really.