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The Engaging Networks platform supports state, national and international organizations to grow their community and effectively move supporters up the ladder of engagement.

We are privileged to work with dozens of small and large nonprofits. Many of the international groups we support use our technology in up to 12 different countries. One of the reasons is the capacity of our software to support any language.

Latest articles from the blog

Integrating with Salesforce.com (and no pretzels, please)

As 2014 starts to wind its way down, the inevitable Lists of the Year start to haunt us. Topping the charts this go-round is “Integration.” Marketing integration, API integration, Big Data integration (whenever somebody figures out what the heck “Big Data” is, anyway), Continuous integration…  Everybody wants us to integrate everything into something.  But they’re short on the how, and even shorter on the why.

Engage politicians like never before

The message from Stella Creasy's presentation at the annual eCampaigning Forum conference in Oxford was very clear: MPs get more emails than ever. Sending emails to a politician is a very widely adopted tactic by now. The result: it's much harder to make your message count than it used to be. Some MPs have even learned how to use email filters.

The open secret of fundraising success

As a practicing Buddhist, I know that distraction is the enemy of mindfulness. And trust me, I am really good at being distracted!