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The Engaging Networks platform supports state, national and international organizations to grow their community and effectively move supporters up the ladder of engagement.

We are privileged to work with dozens of small and large nonprofits. Many of the international groups we support use our technology in up to 12 different countries. One of the reasons is the capacity of our software to support any language.

Latest articles from the blog

Engaging Networks Community Conference 2015: “Focus”

We couldn’t be more excited to kick off our annual community conference tomorrow in Washington, D.C.! With more than 130 nonprofit clients and partners, this year’s 2-day event is certain to be the best yet.

Integrating Engaging Networks with Raiser's Edge

"Raiser's Edge" is a database used by many nonprofits worldwide as their “donor database of record.” So it’s not surprising that one of the most common questions asked by prospective Engaging Networks’ clients is: "How does your Engaging Networks software platform integrate with Raiser's Edge?”

A frequent answer to this question is the tool that I built, namely the JMG Solutions “Super Importer and Exporter,” also known as the "SIE."  

Email split testing ...and cloven bananas

Two things of great significance in my life happened in the first decade of the 20th century. (Before you panic, it's OK, I'm not really that old.)

Number one was the invention of the banana split in Pennsylvania in 1904. I feel that my life would have a small boat-shaped gap in it, without this lovely dessert.

Number two was the first ever split A/B test, run only a matter of months later by the legendary Claude Hopkins. And thus began an embarrassing obsession of mine. 

Coincidence? I think not.