WEBINAR: Simplifying International Donations Using Page Builder and Peer-to-Peer Tools

February 17, 2022 @ 2:00 PM EST

Learn how Room to Read used Engaging Networks to simplify international donations by applying multiple currency and language options, geolocation, and country-driven address fields to their donation and event pages. Through this process, they created a streamlined experience for global peer-to-peer fundraisers to donate in any currency to one unified campaign.

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Room to Read and its implementation partner, Zuri Group, will demonstrate a suite of pages that allow donors to contribute in one of 8 different currencies while adhering to regional laws and regulations. Additionally, we’ll take a peek at Room to Read’s peer-to-peer landing page that aggregates fundraising from all 8 currencies into a single page with a choice to choose your own currency. Tune in to learn how Room to Read used Engaging Networks tools, form rules, page dependencies, and page builders to achieve their goals.

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