Why Choose Engaging Networks?

Need a reason to make the switch to Engaging Networks? How about 101 reasons?

Core Strengths

  1. Flexible - make pages look EXACTLY the way you want them
  2. Innovative - we have a release cycle of updates and new features every 6-8 weeks
  3. Tech Support - personal, fast and responsive!
  4. Create your pages in ANY language
  5. Accept donations in ANY currency
  6. Clients love us!
  7. Get better results!
  8. Our Tools

  9. Easy-to-use – our platform offers an intuitive user interface for the non-technical staffer
  10. Quick – our platform is designed to get your pages done in a matter of minutes
  11. Access to a wide range of international political databases, including Congress and state legislatures, press, councils and more
  12. Seamless integration with other modules and social media
  13. We integrate with ROI solutions
  14. We integrate with Raiser’s Edge
  15. We integrate with Salesforce
  16. Segmentation – easy testing and geo-targeting options
  17. CSS and HTML options – complete control for your in-house tech team
  18. Pre-load supporter data on advocacy forms (a best practice!)
  19. Permissions – offer different privileges for different users
  20. Create automated thank you emails for your actions
  21. Ability to change the supporter’s advocacy action path based on behavior variables
  22. Split a donation or advocacy form over multiple pages with a progress bar
  23. Track event registrations
  24. One-click petitions
  25. Mobile-friendly, right out of the box
  26. We work great with Drupal
  27. We work great with Wordpress
  28. We work great with Expression Engine
  29. Robust reporting
  30. Design unlimited email templates to match your site or campaigns
  31. Create unlimited lists and groups for your emails
  32. Enjoy unlimited image and file storage
  33. Send up to 8,000 emails a minute
  34. Create email triggers and automated welcomes series
  35. Embed your sign up forms in your website using widgets
  36. Allow for “in memoriam” donations
  37. Offer membership packages on your donation pages
  38. Allow for promo codes on your donation pages
  39. Our fundraising modules accepts 40 different payment methods globally!
  40. Pre-load supporter data on donation forms (a best practice!)
  41. We are PCI compliant
  42. Accept recurring payments from supporters (and automatically notify them if their payment fails)
  43. One-click donations!
  44. Use SSL certificates on your donation pages for added security
  45. Send as many emails as you like to your list! No limits
  46. Make your pages ADA compliant to be inclusive of your community
  47. Use advocacy data captures to create surveys
  48. Upload custom targets to send your advocacy actions to anyone
  49. Email a friend – Let your supporters share your content with their networks
  50. eCards!
  51. We take your email delivery very seriously and our rates are some of the best in the field
  52. Send your supporters a “Happy Birthday!” message - automatically
  53. Our Engaging Networks Services (ENS) layer enables outside developers to build applications that directly access the Engaging Networks database via our APIs
  54. We provide dedicated IPs for clients with massive email lists
  55. Our “engagement scoring” feature allows a specific email campaign to be delivered to the client’s most active supporters first (which helps with third-party deliverability scores)
  56. We participate in the MSN Junk Mail Reporting Program
  57. Our mail server cluster runs PowerMTA software to deliver and manage email and notifies us every 15 minutes if there are bounce issues with specific ISPs
  58. We frequently remind our clients about CAN-SPAM and best practices for email, to protect everyone’s reputation
  59. Keep your data clean by easily adding a captcha or “spam trap” to your web forms
  60. Make supporter journeys more customized with Marketing Automation
  61. You can save time with emails by doing split tests, conditional content emails for supporters based on their characteristics OR both at the same time!
  62. Create one page that has varying ask strings based on supporter engagement.
  63. Forget A/B testing...with our software you can do A/B/C/D/E/F/G testing!
  64. We promise 99.9% uptime with our standard service level agreement
  65. P2P

  66. Our P2P fundraising system is ground-breaking! (co-developed with our pals at Zuri Group)
  67. Complete control over the look and feel of your P2P fundraising pages – so that they match the branding of your organization
  68. Ability to build an entire site – not just a page – for your P2P fundraising campaign
  69. Your supporters can manage their P2P fundraising campaigns themselves
  70. Display donations anonymously on P2P fundraising pages
  71. Login with your Facebook account for P2P fundraising pages
  72. Tech Support

  73. Find answers to FAQs, step-by-step guides and more in our sister site: the Supportal
  74. We keep clients informed of what we’re working on with our annual Technology Roadmap
  75. Account setup is included in your annual subscription
  76. We provide a migration checklist to keep your organization organized and on track
  77. We train your staff on our system and provide you with a recording to refresh your memory and share with new staff
  78. Ongoing client support is included in your annual subscription
  79. We hold regular FREE refresher training webinars
  80. Work with a Client Support Manager to address any big-picture needs
  81. Company Values

  82. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, just like you
  83. We practice environmental stewardship
  84. We’ve got the best employees in town
  85. We’re always looking for rising stars to join our team
  86. Community Focused

  87. We have amazing partners!
  88. We foster a community among our clients through our list-serv
  89. We host a fantastic conference every fall in Washington, D.C.
  90. We host a wonderful conference every spring in London
  91. We’ve been known to host a happy hour or two.
  92. We support the progressive community through sponsorship of events like Web of Change, eCampaigning Forum and NTEN
  93. We are members of DMAW, DMFA and NTEN
  94. We keep you abreast of all things nonprofit + tech in our blog
  95. We provide you with 140 characters of goodness on Twitter
  96. We want to be your friend (on Facebook)
  97. We’re happy to network with you on LinkedIn
  98. Exclusive videos of trainings, case studies and more on our vimeo channel
  99. Subscribe to our monthly-ish newsletter for exclusive content
  100. Our Clients Come First

  101. We've been in your shoes. Many of our employees come from international nonprofit organizations and understand YOUR needs.
  102. We are the software of choice for the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)
  103. Our annual “Software Love” Awards recognizes the best campaigns created by our clients (and includes some pretty cool prizes!).
  104. We don’t brand your emails with our logo (We want all the spotlight to shine on you!)
  105. We care about your privacy. We do not store credit card details for corporate or client transactions that we process.
  106. More than 300 of the world’s top nonprofits decided we were the right choice for them
  107. One More Thing...

  108. We’ll provide you with a free, personalized demo to show you what our system can do!