In Development

Here at Engaging Networks, we think our clients are some of the most creative, strategic and innovative minds in the nonprofit world today. Which is why we have the good sense to listen to them! They tell us the way they need our system to work and then we do our programming magic to make that happen. It’s a collaborative journey, one that starts with our annual “Technology Roadmap.”

We release new features every 6-8 weeks at no extra cost to our clients. 

Every January, we publicly share what we’ve got in store for the coming year, and as the year comes to a close, we report back on how we did. This helps our clients plan ahead, and also inspires us to live up to our reputation of being one of the most innovative companies in this field.

2018-2019 Technology Roadmap

2018 - released and in development

Highest Previous Contribution - released

Next Suggested Gift - released

Integration with - released

Premium Gifts - released

WYSIWYG editor for building page templates - released

Master Dashboard with blueprinting - released

Householding - released

Mass-merging and de-duplication - released

Origin source - released

Two-factor authentication - released

GDPR compliance improvements - released

Integration with Stripe - released

New fundraiser dashboard in peer-to-peer - released

Offline gift form management in peer-to-peer - released

Click-to-call advocacy

E-commerce - Symbolic gifts - released

In development to be released in 2019

E-commerce - Tangible gifts

Survey page type

Geo-targeting capabilities

Membership page type

Delayed sending on email-to-target campaigns

...and many more. With an agile development release cycle of every 6-8 weeks, many more features will be added to the 2019 roadmap.

2017 Technology Roadmap

Click on the image below to see the full .pdf of the 2017 Roadmap, featuring: the Supporter Hub, Master Dashboard and more. We also expect to release another dozen improvements to our existing tool set.

Stay tuned!