The Master Dashboard

Engaging Networks works for nonprofits of all sizes, from a small start-up to an international organization with hundreds of chapters. For large organizations, one master account can be useful for administration across chapter or affiliate groups. In Engaging Networks, we call this feature the Master Dashboard.

The Master Dashboard is a flagship feature of the Engaging Networks platform. Designed to support large international organizations with many sub-accounts, this tool will simplify operations at the highest level, streamline branding and execution of digital efforts, and reduce staff time in campaign implementation.

Here’s how it works

A regular account in Engaging Networks has a single database and instance. In the case of affiliated accounts, each individual sub-account has its own unique database but they are linked to the Master Dashboard account (headquarters). The Administrator of the Master Dashboard controls permissions and access to each unique sub-account account. This protects headquarters and other sub-accounts if something goes wrong with one chapter but allows more cooperative work across the entire organization.

Q: We’re often asked, “If one chapter has email deliverability issues, will that impact other chapters or headquarters?”

A: No. Each sub-account has an independent IP address, database and account. They are just linked to the Master Account. If one chapter is impacted, they will have to work to resolve the issue but other chapters and headquarters will not be impacted.

Administrators at the master account level can view performance and report on sub-accounts and login as a sub-account manager to assist in training or troubleshoot issues in the account. This is helpful in transitioning new staff or with smaller less technical teams. Administrators can also establish blueprints for each affiliated sub-account for consistency and time savings.


Large affiliated organizations often struggle with consistent branding. In Engaging Networks, you can agree upon branding with your sub-accounts and set up ‘blueprinted’ page templates for consistency. A blueprint is essentially a template with various styles locked down to ensure sub-accounts are not changing logos, fonts or anything else critical to your brand image. Blueprints also alleviate the burden of sub-accounts needing technical expertise to create page templates.

Reporting on Your Entire Organization

One of the best features of Engaging Networks Master Dashboard is roll-up reporting. Master account administrators can report on chapter performance across the board. Reports can also be scheduled and automated.

  • Create a report on overall fundraising to be automatically sent to your CFO on Fridays.
  • On Monday, Regional Fundraisers will be sent a report highlighting progress.
  • Grassroots teams could get a daily report on advocacy actions.
  • Our out-of-the-box reports are visual and easy to understand. You can dive deeper using our queries for an extensive analysis of your performance.

Data Transfers Between Sub-accounts and Master Dashboard

Ever wish your chapters would send local supporter information to headquarters so that you can include them in a year-end direct mail campaign? You can now do this easily with Data Transfers.

Each sub-account’s supporter fields can be mapped to your Master Dashboard database fields. After that is done, you can initiate a transfer of supporter data from sub-accounts to your headquarters database. If you work with an external database that integrates with Engaging Networks, you can then push the data to your database of record. Beautiful.

If your organization needs a tool like Master Dashboard, email us at And, finally for detailed technical documentation on our Master Dashboard features, visit our Supportal.