Let's Talk Fundraising

Our state-of-the-art fundraising tools have an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor, and for the more advanced tech users, easy access to the HTML code. We also have built-in free, flexible and completely customized templates to get you started, or you can easily create your own page templates. Donation pages can accept one-time or recurring gifts from your supporters, and can include donor designations, tributes (e.g. in honor/memory, for an occasion), premium gifts, and other customizable options. Forms can be edited on a system-wide level, or you can have settings unique to a particular page, depending on how you set it up.

We integrate with the following payment gateways: Stripe, Vantiv, IATS, Moneris e-Select, Moneris Vault, PaySafe (formerly "Optimal Payments”), WorldPay (UK-based), Paypal Payflow Pro, Paypal Payments Pro, Paypal Express Checkout, RSM2000-UK Based, and RSM2000 (PDD).

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Our module has all the features on your wish list:

  • easy-to-use – intuitive user interface for the non-technical staffer
  • quick – create donation pages in a matter of minutes
  • completely customizable – pages will match the look and feel of your site
  • employ a variety of fundraising methods like “in memoriam,” events, membership packages, promo codes, premium gifts and more
  • accept any currency
  • accept 40 different payment methods globally!
  • create your forms in ANY language
  • seamless integration with other modules and social media
  • CSS and HTML options – complete control for your in-house tech team
  • pre-load supporter data on forms
  • permissions – offer different privileges for different users
  • automated thank you emails
  • split a form over multiple pages with a progress bar
  • accept recurring payments from supporters (and automatically notify them if their payment fails) - monthly, annually, semi-annually and quarterly
  • one-click donations
  • mobile-friendly, right out of the box
  • works with your existing CMS (including Drupal, Wordpress and more)
  • get data in and out of existing systems such as Raiser’s Edge, using our RESTful API and XML, JSON or CSV data formats
  • SSL certificates for added security
  • completely PCI-compliant
  • robust reporting
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Like every module within our software, gift confirmation pages and emails can be completely custom formatted and designed, and can be personalized with any supporter fields and customized with transactional fields. The content of the messages can be varied based on profiles (e.g. text sent to major donors can differ from text sent to low and mid-level donors) or based on variables from the transaction (e.g. if a premium was selected, include fulfillment details). Some clients even use confirmation pages as an upsell opportunity to convert a onetime gift to a monthly sustainer. Ask strings can be varied based on the value input into another form field, including the recurring payment field. If the donor selects “monthly” for the recurring frequency, then a different ask string can be displayed to reflect monthly amounts. Here is an example from UNHCR Canada: https://give.unhcr.ca/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1920&ea.campaign.id=41138&mode=DEMO

You can even direct payments to different gateways based on the country or currency selected by the donor. A great example from one of our clients that utilizes many field dependencies (based upon country and/or currency) is Humane Society International: https://hsi.netdonor.net/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=104&ea.campaign.id=17381&mode=DEMO

For an example of how to build a donation page, please view this video: https://vimeo.com/171703160.

With a release cycle of every 6-8 weeks, our list of features will continue to grow.

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