#ENCC16 Sessions

Wednesday, October 5

8:00am - 9:00am - Registration and Breakfast

9:00am - 10:00am


  • Graham Covington – Founder & CEO Engaging Networks

The pace of change in the technology landscape is accelerating. The wave of ‘big data’ is still rolling, while machine learning is moving into the mainstream. Mobile wallets are getting more traction as a payment method on the web. How do we set our development priorities at Engaging Networks to keep pace? What are we paying attention to? Come and find out.

10:00am to 11:00am - Sessions

Hidden Gems of Engaging Networks (Workshop)

  • Brandon Fuller, Director of Client Services – Engaging Networks

Make your efforts in Engaging Networks shine bright like a diamond with this session on all of the tools and tricks many users overlook. Are you identifying those supporters who consistently share your efforts on social media? Are your pages set-up for one-click donations and actions? What is your engagement score telling you about your list health? Bring some bling back to work with all of the gems you’ll find at this session.

Let's Get Personal: Using Personalized Video to Engage Your Constituents and Create Real Results (Learning)

  • Michael Hoffman, CEO and Briana Kerensky, Digital Project Manager - See3

In this session, Michael and Briana will be discussing the technology behind personalized video, how it was used to create impact for organizations like Alzheimer's Association, and how it can be used within your organization to establish and retain donor relationships.

Overcoming your Fear of Commitment -- Taking Your Donors Relationships to the Next Level (Case Study)

  • Lindsey Twombly, Deputy Director, Online Strategy & Social Media – Human Rights Campaign

Moving in. Adopting a puppy. Kids. Signing up as a recurring donor with your favorite charity. All of these are major milestones in any relationship, and when the Human Rights Campaign moved to Engaging Networks, they saw amazing opportunities to take their donor relationships to the next level! Between their long-established monthly donor program and their brand new recurring-annual gift program, HRC is seeing 1 out of every 5 online donors sign for a long-term commitment for as a recurring-donor. Learn from Lindsey how you could increase recurring donations and leverage annual giving to meet your fundraising goals.

11:15am to 12:15pm - Sessions

Building Donation and Advocacy Pages in Page Builder (Page Builder)

  • John Siemiatkowski, Sales Engineer – Engaging Networks

We’ll start with basic donation and advocacy forms, then add features to reduce your abandon rate and increase participation. John will show you how to create re-usable elements and how to easily lead supporters through a ladder of engagement with after action advocacy and donation pages.

Unleash the Power in Your Data (Learning)

  • Michael Cervino, Chief of Client Development – Frakture

21st century technology makes it possible to do more with your systems and data to raise funds, mobilize supporters and make change. This session explores how organizations are using Engaging Networks in conjunction with data warehouses, data visualization software, third-party data append services, automation Bots and other tools. We'll explore what's possible for targeting high-value donors, recapturing sustainer income, improving reporting and more with Engaging Networks as part of a modern data architecture.

Optimize! How Human Rights Watch Grew 30+% with Design, Email and Testing Optimization (Case Study)

  • Matthew Rullo, Digital Marketing Officer - Human Rights Watch
  • Rosa Del Angel, Vice President, Digital Marketing – Beaconfire RED

Human Rights Watch just had their most successful fiscal year ever through a combination of rapid response messaging, conversion rate optimization, improved design, and investing in the health and engagement of their email file. Aided by Beaconfire RED, Human Rights Watch saw a 33% increase in digital revenue and grew their donor base by thousands of new names. Learn how they did and how you can use the same approaches to boost your revenue and engagement.

12:15pm to 1:15pm - Lunch

1:30pm to 2:30pm - Sessions

Fundraising Crashers - DIY techniques to flip your fundraising program with Peer-to-Peer (Workshop)

  • Molly Kelly, Senior Director, Digital Services and Product – Zuri Group
  • John Siemiatkowski, Sales Engineer – Engaging Networks

Molly and John help clients expand their development square footage with the addition of a Peer-to-Peer site. We'll knock down the walls of your fundraising pyramid to provide more space to engage your donors and fund your mission. Whether your goal is a simple DIY site, a quiet refuge for honor and memorial gifts, or the best house parties, we've got something for you!

Turning a Wonky Topic into a Grassroots Advocacy Win (Case Study)

  • Isabel Shea, Manager, Digital Campaigns - Humane Society International

Humane Society International faced the daunting challenge of organizing a grassroots movement that asked the World Bank to include meaningful animal welfare language in its policies that affect agricultural lending around the world. The issue wasn’t sexy, but a win would mean improvements in the treatment of billions of farm animals. Learn how HSI blended creative messaging, Engaging Networks’ attributes, and tight organizational collaboration to turn this complex issue into a grassroots victory.

Debt Free: Efficient Sourcing and Architecture of Donation Forms (Learning)

  • Charles Lehosit, Director of Technology – RobbinsKersten Direct

Between analytics, attribution and good UX, donation forms can carry quite of a bit of technical debt. This session will explain advanced ways to leverage form architecture to reduce load time and allow for technical and attribution efficiencies. Learn how to diagnose and uncouple technical debt through advanced uses of Engaging Networks’ donation form templates.

2:30pm to 3:00pm - Break

3:00pm to 4:00pm - Sessions

2016-2017 Engaging Networks Roadmap/Priorities (Innovation)

  • Graham Covington, CEO/Founder – Engaging Networks

Are you curious about which new features Engaging Networks will be rolling out in 2017? Perhaps there are a couple of features you’re really hoping will be on the list. Come to this interactive session, led by Engaging Networks’ CEO Graham Covington, to find out which cool new features are in store. Come prepared to make suggestions, too. This a community of practice and your ideas might help the whole Engaging Networks client community!

Using the Engaging Networks API (Workshop)

  • Dan Szymczak, Director of Technology – Engaging Networks

An introductory session to review the Engaging Networks data services and APIs: bi-directional database sync, summary data calls, hosted page JSON/XML, and the new Engaging Networks Services (ENS). The ENS, an API layer is the next step to allow our clients to build applications, plugins and more advanced apps on top of the Engaging Networks platform. An authentication layer will be set up to allow clients to create API users who can be scoped by the existing suite of permissions, thus providing tight control of what APIs can do with the data. This introductory session will go over the basics of how to access the API and dig deeper into some sample services.

Optimized Responsive Design for eCRM: It’s More Than “Best Fit” (Learning)

  • Janel Clement, Director of Digital Services – PS Digital
  • Van Do, Technical Strategy Director - PS Digital

Responsive design is much more than reformatting the content on a web page or email for a mobile screen. The mobile user experience is distinct and requires its own strategy and design. This session will look at best practices for creating truly device-friendly sites and campaigns with prioritized content, well scaled and optimized images, user-friendly forms, and scalable navigation. Our focus will be on the donor/supporter experience, including email, landing pages, forms, and other eCRM-hosted content based on Engaging Networks.

4:00pm -

Networking Reception and Exhibitor Showcase

Join us for drinks, food and a chance to mix and mingle with your counterparts at other nonprofit organizations using Engaging Networks. This is also a great opportunity to talk with our many exhibitors, which include leading providers of expert consulting services and complementary technology products.

Thursday, October 6

8:00am - 9:00am -  “Cool Tools” Breakfast

9:00am - 10:00am


"From Barack to Bernie: Changing the Digital Playbook"

  • Scott Goodstein, CEO – Revolution Messaging

Bernie Sanders started his presidential campaign with little name recognition or awareness among American voters, yet he managed to raise $230 million from a staggering 2.7 million small dollar donors – and nearly won the Democratic primary. How did Sanders build such an enormous base of grassroots donors? How did he get their attention and engage them so powerfully – 8 years earlier, Barack Obama did something similar. Learn some key lessons for nonprofit fundraising and marketing professionals from the digital media firm that helped propel both these amazing campaigns.

10:00am to 11:00am - Sessions

Marketing Automation (Innovation)

  • Dan Szymczak, Director of Technology – Engaging Networks

Our email triggers are being replaced with some very exciting new technology! Our tech team has created a friendly user-interface that will save you time, without compromising on sophistication or flexibility.

Plan Your Next Event with Page Builder (Workshop)

  • John Siemiatkowski (CFRE), Sales Engineer – Engaging Networks

With our new Events module, you can offer online registration for paid and free events. John will show how to engage your supporters and will make best-practice recommendations from his many years of special events fundraising.

Not Your Mother's Integration - Optimizing Your Integration to Meet Constituent Needs (Case Study)

  • Lindsey Twombly, Deputy Director Online Strategy - Human Rights Campaign
  • Karen Taggart, Senior Business Analyst - ROI Solutions

Data, data everywhere! Hitting you from all sides - eMail, Social Media, telephone, direct mail, data hygiene, and the list goes on and on and on. And instead of getting smaller, the list of tools marketers and organizers are using to reach constituents and gather data is growing by the day. Looking beyond the basic data points like email addresses, opt ins/opt outs, and donations, how can an organization decide which data values should pass back and forth between all the various systems in play? We advocate for a strategy that is planned from the constituent experience backwards towards the technology. In this session we will unpack at least two successful constituent focused integration-based solutions and dig into some future ideas in order to model methods for translating constituent needs into deliverable projects. Participants are encouraged to bring to the session current constituent experience business needs to be examined by the group.

11:15am to 12:15pm - Sessions

Ecommerce with Engaging Networks: An Integration Story (Case Study)

  • Paul Burke, Director of Technology and Training - St Anthony’s Guild
  • Sean Powell, President - The Engage Group

St. Anthony’s Guild wanted to take full advantage of their experience and understanding with WordPress while leveraging the powerful donation processing and email marketing capabilities of Engaging Networks. In order to accomplish this goal, St Anthony’s Guild and The Engage Group worked together to create a JavaScript based integration between WordPress/WooCommerce and Engaging Networks. This novel integration allows for St. Anthony’s Guild to provide a best in class ecommerce experience, seamlessly integrate and manage their constituent data through Engaging Networks and reduce the burden of PCI compliance of a separate hosted WordPress donation/payment solution. In this session, we will talk background of the story, discuss the finer points of the process and walk through common use cases for this integration. If your organization has ever used (or wants to use) WordPress with Engaging Networks, then this session is for you.

Big Data, Small Data, any Data – Getting Data into Engaging Networks (Workshop)

  • Josh Miller, Director of Client Support – Engaging Networks

Josh will review the new Engaging Networks importing tools. He’ll also show you how to map your supporter data to the default supporter record. Learn how to import historic online transactions and offline transactions into Engaging Networks.

2016-2017 Engaging Networks Roadmap/Priorities (Innovation)

  • Graham Covington, CEO/Founder – Engaging Networks

Are you curious about which new features Engaging Networks will be rolling out in 2017? Perhaps there are a couple of features you’re really hoping will be on the list. Come to this interactive session, led by Engaging Networks’ CEO Graham Covington, to find out which cool new features are in store. Come prepared to make suggestions, too. This a community of practice and your ideas might help the whole Engaging Networks client community.

12:15pm to 1:15pm - Lunch

1:30pm to 2:30pm - Sessions

Welcome to Marketing Automation – the future of email is here. (Learning)

  • Adam Ruff, Chief Digital Officer - The Harrington Agency

Marketing Automation – the ability to create rich, personalized online experiences for your constituents – unleashes the power of email like never before. By allowing you to automate sending different emails to supporters based on the unique ways each interacts with your emails and website, this tool lets you engage your supporters on their own terms sending them the exact right message at the right time. Additionally, it can be utilized by even the smallest digital team to take your online program places it never dreamed possible. Join Adam Ruff of The Harrington Agency as he answers your questions and guides you through the possibilities. By the end of this session you will be ready to start using Engaging Network’s game-changing new tool from day one.

Engaging Networks Email for Beginners and Pros (Workshop)

  • Josh Miller, Director of Client Support – Engaging Networks

Josh will begin with a quick introduction to Engaging Networks’ email tools, followed by an exploration of more advanced features before taking those burning email questions you’ve been saving up.

What to do when facing a flood...or a drought...of supporters (Case Study)

  • Sandy Battista, Senior Relationship Manager, Strategic Partnerships – Paysafe
  • Peter Genuardi, Founder – LeadPup
  • Graham Covington, CEO/Founder – Engaging Networks

Facing a flood of new supporters? Or maybe more like a drought of new supporters? Canadian Red Cross made history as wildfires rapidly spread across Alberta earlier this year - leaping into action on its largest emergency appeal and relief effort in history. The resulting wave of new supporters generated over $136 million in contributions - at times 20,000 server requests per minute. On the other hand, Grand Canyon Association has worked to recruit thousands of new supporters to help reach their annual goals. What strategies did Canadian Red Cross employ to manage and engage their new donors? Where and how did Grand Canyon Association find theirs? Learn from their experiences to better engage and/or recruit supporters.

2:30pm to 3:00pm - Break

3:00pm to 4:00pm - Sessions

Get a Sneak Preview of our New Supporter Center (Innovation)

  • Dan Szymczak, Director of Technology – Engaging Networks

Walk through Engaging Networks' plans for the new Supporter Center. Dan will also take suggestions on what you'd like to see in the final product.

Master Engaging Networks Reporting (Workshop)

  • Josh Miller, Director of Client Support – Engaging Networks

Josh will walk through the Account Reports and Manage Supporters pages to show you how to view aggregate stats or dive into an individual’s record to learn more about your efforts and how effectively you’re engaging supporters.

Fighting Child Labor with 8 Landing Pages and Triggered Emails (Case Study)

  • Dan Wilcox, Advocacy Campaign Coordinator – World Vision Canada
  • Michael Hayworth, Director of Strategy – Grassriots

World Vision Canada’s Conscious Consumer Challenge succeeded in raising awareness among Canadian consumers about the $34 billion worth of products made using child labour imported into Canada each year. The secret to their success was a complex set of eight landing pages and triggered email series that leveraged audience segmentation to maximum effect.

4:00pm -

Closing Plenary and Software Love Awards

Join us for final thoughts and pictures from the conference. We will announce the winners of the first annual Software Love Awards, awarding the best campaigns created using Engaging Networks!