Corporate Character

As a company, we are proud to deliver a great software platform to our clients. Additionally, we know that our nonprofit clients hold themselves to a higher standard, and they should expect the same from their vendors.

With that in mind, we want to be transparent about what makes Engaging Networks tick, so that our clients can feel good about choosing us as a partner.

We believe that there are five defining traits that guide our business operations and influence our product. They are:

  • independence: We are not owned by a private equity company, we are not publicly traded on the stock market nor are we beholden to any investor's’ ROI. This freedom allows us to be open to new ideas, and affords us the opportunity of pursuing them. If our clients are best served by changing the platform in a specific way, we don’t need anyone’s permission to make the investment. We are free to serve our clients.
  • ingenuity: We are problem solvers. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our tech support team. Rather than pointing you to documentation and wishing you luck, we listen to what is really going on and find a way to help you solve your problem. We also develop creative partnerships and creatively find new approaches to our network and product development.
  • intelligence: We wouldn’t be as successful as we are today if we didn’t make intelligent choices. We’re smart to listen to our clients, stay abreast of digital trends and apply what we’ve learned to our development plan.
  • compassion: Inherent to this company is the desire to support nonprofits. We foster good relationships with our clients and conduct ourselves with integrity and empathy for the problems that they face.
  • fun: We like to work hard and play hard. Our team comes from all walks of life, but together we create a spirited and tight-knit work environment.

Together, these traits define our corporate character and contribute to our positive reputation within the community.