Welcome to Release 4.4.0

The latest Engaging Networks release deploys on June 17, 2022. In this release, we’ve updated many of our payment gateway integrations, along with improving features across the platform.

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Notable Updates

Stripe Bacs Direct Debit (UK)

Through the Stripe gateway, a new direct debit option is available for processing UK bank details. This workflow uses a Stripe Checkout redirect to securely collect. 

Encrypted Bank Store

As another alternative, we are also now offering an Encrypted Bank Store solution to securely collect bank details in order to then import into your desired processor.


Through the PayPal gateway, Venmo will be available as a digital wallet option to accept one-time transactions from U.S. banks only (and send to a U.S. bank). This will display alongside PayPal OneTouch. 

Additionally, we have upgraded:

If you haven’t yet, check out our payment gateway quiz to get your recommendation on the best gateway fit for your organization’s needs.For more details on these items and all updates included in the 4.4 Release, take a look through the release notes in the Supportal.