Let's Talk Events

Our clients asked and we answered! In 2016, we unveiled events functionality as part of our game-changing page-builder release.

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Our module has all the features on your wish list, plus a few you haven’t thought of yet:

  • Use a "wizard" process to build and configure pages for paid or unpaid events;
  • Optionally insert a ticket block with varying ticket categories, prices and maximum capacities;
  • Customise events pages to allow ticket purchasers to buy a table and add attendee data (e.g. names), and indicate preferences (e.g. dietary preferences);
  • Set "event start date" and "event end date";
  • Set "early bird" pricing and date limit for tickets, and automate price changes;
  • Create multiple ticket types with variable pricing for each category;
  • Set limits on the purchase of tickets for each ticket category, and for overall event;
  • Accept promotional codes to apply discounts to ticket purchases (by category);
  • Conveniently check people in with a simple check mark.
Events Screenshot

With a release cycle of every 6-8 weeks, our list of features will continue to grow.