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OCTOBER 6 & 7, 2021 ONLINE

Day 1 - OCTOBER 6

Conference open to allow you to login to Socio and review the agenda for the day. Day 1 sessions start at 09:45am!

We kick off ENCC-X Day 1!

Engaging Networks – Ben Childers, Senior Director of Global Client Success

Keynote: Intelligent Tools

Engaging Networks & Accessible Intelligence – Graham Covington, CEO & Founder

The mechanics of sending an email are important, but the intelligence needed to send the right email message to the right audience is significantly more important. Where is Engaging Networks headed? We are adding intelligence to our tools at every opportunity based on our partnership with a sister AI company called Accessible Intelligence.

Michael Johnston, Founder, HJC New Media
Amnesty International Canada – George Irish, Digital Strategist
This is your world baby and I’m just living in it! How you can leverage integrated tactics, EN, and retention strategies to find – and retain – a growing monthly giving file.

Come listen to Michael Johnston talk about how the convergence of a subscription based economy, COVID, and digital are driving the necessity for ALL social impact organizations to prioritize investments in acquisition, conversion, and retention of monthly donors – now and in the future. We’ll look at one-of-a-kind studies, some great donations forms in EN and the unique ‘drag and drop’ ability of EN to give your monthly donors a great stewardship plan.
Oftentimes, we focus on generating new donations, forgetting that the BEST place to start is with your list of supporters and donors who ALREADY believe in what you do. You’ve spent months, maybe even years cultivating this group of individuals. You’ve sold them on the value of your organization. Many have given a gift at least once in the past. But when was the last time you actively reached out to them with a compelling request for a monthly gift? Your supporters are already on your side. All you have to do is give them a good reason to level up and become a monthly donor. Here’s how to do it: Adding a “Monthly Donor Drive” to your annual program is a key strategy for acquiring new donors, but more than this, it is a goldmine opportunity for you to embolden your existing supporters and one-time donors to upgrade to a monthly gift. A Donor Drive is a time-dependent, goal-oriented ask. It has capacity to be repeated any time and it’s proven to be an invaluable strategy to increase annual revenue. We’ll explore the useful structures, messages, and tactics that you can build into a Monthly Donor Drive, and how to take advantage of some of the features of Engaging Networks like email automation, segmentation, conditional content, SMS, and reporting. Simply put – we’ll show you how to integrate this strategy into your future annual campaign programs and bring more revenue into your organization.
Raise the Roots –  Brandon Fuller, Owner & Chief Strategist
HIAS –  Shakira Dale, Web Developer, Communications

What makes the perfect donation page? A pinch of spice and a dash of sweetness helps. But HIAS and Raise the Roots learned that the best approach is taking it one tweak at a time and using Engaging Networks’ A/B testing to measure the results. Learn about three simple changes HIAS made to their donation page that increased average gifts and monthly donations – and how Raise the Roots used A/B testing to measure the impact of each enhancement.

Community Conversations Session 1 Title: Setting the Scene
ENCC-X Community Conversations – Joel Pound, Facilitator
Joel Pound, Facilitator, introduces us to Community Conversations and how we’re going to work together. We get moving with a quick visioning exercise.

Cornershop Creative – Max Zimmer, Developer & Andi Salinas, Project Manager

We know what it takes to make a performant and accessible Engaging Networks form. Attend this session to learn more about the tactics and techniques we used to build new and improved custom layouts in accessible form templates for Engaging Networks.

Firefly Partners – Jen Frazier CEO & Founder

Do you know that over 26% of adults in the US live with a disability? That is 61 million Americans. How does that impact our work? If we want to effect real, widespread change, we need to make sure we are including everyone who wants to show up and join in the fight. Because as we know, we cannot afford to create barriers to participation – even if unintentional. Ensuring that your work is fully accessible and inclusive across your digital channels is imperative. Right from the first interaction with your organization, every person should be able to learn, interact, sign up, and get involved with ease. Come to this session to learn more about the fundamentals of digital accessibility, how accessibility is a critical and foundational element of inclusivity, and why your organization should do what it takes to ensure we bring everyone along in the movement.

Community Conversations : Session 2
The Non-Profit Sector in a Changing World
ENCC-X Community Conversations – Joel Pound, Facilitator
We live in an age of rapid global change; what opportunities, challenges and solutions lie within this for the non-profit sector?


Allegiance Group – Joe McLaughlin, Vice President – Director of Analytics and Optimization
Human Rights Watch – Ricardo Hernandez, Digital Marketing Manager

If you want to raise more money, optimize your donation forms to get more people to give at a higher rate and higher value. Ricardo Hernandez, Digital Marketing Manager, Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Joe McLaughlin, VP, Analytics and Optimization, Allegiance Group will share how and when you should optimize your forms. They will share results and strategies from successful HRW donation form tests. And you’ll receive a free download of The UX of Donation Form Testing to take your forms to the next level.

4Site Studios – Bryan Casler. VP of Digital Strategy

Do you want to make sure that you are tracking the right metrics for your campaign? Do you want to go beyond best practices? Then this session is for you. We’ll review template creation and management from start-to-finish, sharing the work that Amnesty International and other Engaging Networks clients  did to improve their Online Giving and Advocacy pages, including: What motivated their change, how they approached design, the technical basics, the migration strategy, KPIs, and how they are leveraging Google Optimize. We’ll also give you a free page template you can start using today.

Community Conversations Session 3: 
Collaborating across the sector : A conversation Part 1
ENCC-X Community Conversations – Joel Pound, Facilitator

How do we better support each other, and improve collaboration across the sector, in the face of this global change?

Zuri Group – Molly Kelly – President of Digital Solutions

Exploring ways to engage your peer-to-peer fundraisers on Engaging Networks? Learn about a P2P program that’s (almost) all fun and games. As an incentive for fundraisers to use more platform features, Mercy Home for Boys & Girls partnered with Zuri Group to gamify their P2P program. What used to be standard fundraising activities are now contests and awards! Not only are fundraisers more inclined to log in and send emails from the platform, but also Mercy Home gained real-time visibility into which actions fundraisers are taking. A win-win if you ask us.

Engaging Networks – Ben Childers, Senior Director of Global Client Success
World Animal Protection Canada – Kay Marks, Director of Development

Join Ben and Kay as they discuss World Animal Protection Canada’s adoption of Engaging Networks for their fundraising and email marketing efforts after being an advocacy client for many years. Kay will talk about their use of the Supporter Hub, how they restructured their opt-in questions and subscription management, testing of a single long form compared to a multi-step form, and the use of email marketing welcome series. 

Community Conversations Session #4: Collaborating across the sector – A conversation (Part 2)

ENCC-X Community Conversations – Joel Pound, Facilitator

A follow on from Part 1. How can we enhance what is already going well? What can we build upon?

Yeeboo Digital – Matt Barr, Director of Operations and Delivery

In this 15 minute workshop, Matt will not only take you through the core functionality of the Supporter Hub, yet will also look at why your supporters will use, engage with and return to enjoy accessing their supporter hub. Your database manager will thank you, your email delivery specialist will high-five you and your supporters will feel good about being part of your community.

The Engage Group – Mathew Harkins, Director
WETA – Jackie Schneck Manager, Online Fundraising

Who doesn’t love a quiz? And who doesn’t love supporter acquisition and engagement? WETA brought both worlds together when they and The Engage Group built the score-based quiz: “Which show should you watch next on WETA Passport?” It educates users on PBS/WETA programming, with certain answer combinations affecting the outcome, and a follow-on prompt to watch or become a supporter. Learn about what went into this build on EN pages and how WETA is leveraging this popular new tool!

Community Conversations Session #4: Collaborating across the sector – A conversation (Part 2)
ENCC-X Community Conversations – Joel Pound, Facilitator We summarise today’s conversations and look to tomorrow.


Conference open to allow you to login to Socio and review the agenda for the day. Day 2 sessions start at 09:45am!

We kick off ENCC-X Day 2!

Engaging Networks – Ben Childers, Senior Director of Global Client Success

4Site Studios – Bryan Casler, Vice President of Digital Strategy

PETA Association – Jeff Zick, Director of Response Fundraising

As technology advances daily, best practices are a moving target. Learn about the cutting edge work that PETA has been doing to boost response rates, from multi-step lightbox forms, to a new slide-to-give experience, to how they are bringing a cross domain Remember Me option to all their Engaging Networks forms. We will be talking strategy, design, development, and testing, plus plenty of eye candy to inspire your next project.

Engaging Networks – Jenn Morrison, Product Communications Manager

Whether you’ve been growing your mobile opt-in list or just planting the seed with your team, we’ll walk through the SMS features currently available in Marketing Automation, along with a sneak peek at the upcoming texting tools in Engaging Networks. Then, we’ll work through your plan to launch or enhance your texting program for happier donors and more efficient campaigns.

Using and improving the Engaging Networks platform (Part 1)
ENCC-X Community Conversations – Joel Pound, Facilitator

Time to reflect on the platform, acknowledge successes and think about ways it could be even better.

Tweet to Target pages
Engaging Networks – Joel Terrel, Client Support Specialist

Learn how to allow your supporters to tweet at their representatives for your cause

ENCC-X Community Conversations – Joel Pound, Facilitator

Time to reflect on the future of Engaging Networks; what will keep the platform relevant and how could it be made more accessible?

Cornershop Creative – Ben Byrne, Co-Founder
Chelsea Bassett, Operations Manager, Cornershop Creative

Section 508? WCAG 2.0 level AA? Making sure your website is accessible is important, but sorting through the details to determine which standards you need to meet can be intimidating! Even simple actions and tests can make a huge difference for your users! This session will cover “getting going,” outlining some of the most important low-hanging fruit you should be sure to address, and highlighting easy and free automated testing tools. Accessibility perfection may be a journey of a thousand miles, but attend this session and we’ll take the first few big steps together.

Next Suggested Gift
Engaging Networks – Angelo Errazo, Client Support Specialist

Learn how to display custom donation amount strings to supporters based on their prior giving to your organization

Did you know we have a Political Targeting Tool?

Sam Louk, Tier 1 Client Support Lead, Engaging Networks

Learn how to map data from some of the available post code target databases to supporter records.

Engaging Networks – Ben Childers, Senior Director of Global Client Success