Drupal Integration


Is Drupal the Content Management System that your website runs on? There is a Drupal module for the Engaging Networks platform that automatically builds native webforms for any of your campaigns. It supports all one and two-page campaigns.

There are modules for both Drupal 6 and 7. Both require the feeds module and the webform module. Redirects are not yet supported.

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Drupal 7 Module

This uses the Engaging Networks API to fetch data from your account and automatically import the form fields into a webform node. You can choose which campaigns to import. The module will synchronise the forms with your Engaging Networks account on a regular basis. Or you can choose to synchronize manually if you have made an urgent change.

Drupal 6 Module

This automatically imports all your campaigns as a one-time event.

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Using the Engaging Networks Drupal Module

If you want to directly integrate Engaging Networks actions with your Drupal website, this presentation shows how the process works.

In addition to standard HTML, campaign actions can also processed as data formats (JSON / XML). The Drupal module uses these data formats to build and style your campaigns using Drupal themes and Drupal forms. When supporters take part in your campaigns all data is communicated to the Engaging Networks servers, providing a seamless link between your website and your supporter data.

The presentation shows some live examples and discusses the future of the module as it expands to our fundraising software.

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