Engaging Networks Community Conference 2018

This event is now over. Thanks for everyone who came along, we hope you got a lot out of it.

You can download some of the presentations here:

Product workshops

Engaging Networks page-builder: the basics

Engaging Networks page-builder: advocacy specific

Engaging Networks page-builder: fundraising specific

What's the Hub?

Data management and reporting

Peer-to-peer fundraising in Engaging Networks

GDPR and Engaging Networks

Engaging Networks events management tool

Engaging Networks email service

Email marketing automation in Engaging Networks

Innovation sessions

2018 Technology Roadmap

New tools for eCommerce

Machine Learning and Engaging Networks


Keynote - Graham Covington

The Engaging Networks Academy and agency accreditation plans

Care2 & GDPR

Case studies and learning sessions

Day 1

User/supporter/customer journeys: mapping the way to great user experience

Digital acquisition: a year of learning in Refugee Action

The impact of GDPR

Macmillan: Cancer Matters campaign

RSPCA: Animal sentience: using page-builder to deliver trans-national campaigning

World Horse Welfare: Re-energising a 90-year campaign - in the UK and beyond

Care International UK: Making the most of Engaging Networks' new fundraising toolspart 2

"Want a #metoo?" Here's why some campaigns light up the sky and others flop

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network: Turning awareness into results

Emerging Digital Trends

Day 2

NSPCC: Want to maintain and grow your campaigning network? One story of GDPR, opt ins and form design

British Lung Foundation: Listen to your lungs

Greenpeace Australia: Unique and personalised messages through page-builder

Email deliverability tips

The Children's Society: Making change for care leavers

MS Society: Winning at campaigning with Engaging Networks

The Ramblers: Using Engaging Networks for surveys

Anthony Nolan: Finding an issue that resonates: A tale of two campaigns

Beyond Petitions - video

Woodland Trust: Using Engaging Networks to record scientific data

Doing video well

Human Rights Watch: Global Event Challenge

War on Want: Fundraising transformation through Engaging Networks and Care2

Crohn's and Colitis: Not Every Disability is Visible

Build long-term relationships with Marketing Automation

Parkinson's UK: PIPtition: Creating an integrated campaign to build a wider audience

Robin Hood Tax Campaign: Responding to (snap) elections: innovating on a well-trodden path