Ryan Baillargeon

CEO, Grassriots

RYAN IS A TECHNOLOGIST whose passion for progressive change led him on a journey of discovery to understanding the lead role digital can play in organizing and campaigning. Working to mobilize people for cancer control, democratic reform, climate change, social justice, and anti-slavery causes, Ryan has helped organization bridge technology to help execute their theory of change. His approach is grounded in the ethos of people power: that at the right time, with the right people, and with the right tools, big systemic change is possible.

After serving as Online Director for organizations like Leadnow, and WalkFree, Ryan was inspired to build Grassriots as a place where talented people could bring their passion, enthusiasm, and expertise to social sectors organizations.

Since then, he has led digital strategy for numerous people-powered organizations and campaigns focused on engagement organizing. Understanding that fundraising is the engine that powers movement building, he has fostered Grassriots expertise in annual giving through digital acquisition, monthly donor programs, and e-commerce. He continues to shape Grassriots as a place where innovation thrives and talent that is committed to building a better nonprofit sector is built.