Below are recordings of the days where available, plus some additional links to download slide decks.

Product workshops that were repeated are only shown under Day 2

Day 1

Keynote : What lies in the year ahead?
Graham takes you through the highlights of the year
Graham Covington, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Engaging Networks

Case study: How the Children’s Society launched a new website that resulted in a 636% increase in the number of users who made a donation
Users found that their previous site was difficult to navigate, that their organisational purpose wasn’t clear enough, there was too much content, and the look and feel was outdated. This is how they turned things around.
Rebecca Martin, Digital Project Manager, The Children’s Society
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Case study: How we changed the law
Refuge share the success of their recent campaign The Naked Threat which successfully made threatening to share intimate images a criminal offence. A huge part of the campaign was driving supporters towards a e-campaign page where they could e-mail targeted government ministers. Refuge had around 45k supporters take part and send emails.
Anna Chowcat, Digital Manager, Refuge
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Panel: The Unique Challenges Of Working Internationally
Our panelists discuss the unique challenges of working internationally.
Chaired by Michael Austin, International Client Success Manager, Engaging Networks
Rhiannan Sullivan, Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships, Care2
Becky Jarvis, Senior Strategist, The Sunrise Project
Joanne Dunsford, Global Director of Supporter Insights, Operations and Experience, Animals Asia

Learning session: Recognising And Managing Burnout
In this session, Ben Childers, Senior Director of Global Client Success at Engaging Networks, will discuss the latest trends and patterns that are leading to a dramatic increase in burnout. He will also provide tools for leaders and employees on how to manage burnout.
Ben Childers, Senior Director of Global Client Success, Engaging Networks

Day 2

Workshop: Stopping the spammers: from phishing scam to security plan
Without proper security measures in place, spammers can send content in emails to compromised lists of unsolicited email addresses through the web forms on your Engaging Networks pages. We look at how they they’re able to do this and potentially damage your organisation’s reputation in the process, before diving into the security features on the Engaging Networks platform that you can use to stop them in their tracks.
Gwynne Dixon, Development Operations Engineer, Engaging Networks

Workshop: Academy 3.0 – The Evolution Of Engaging Networks Training
The Engaging Networks Academy is evolving. Our brand new online training centre for clients and partners launches in May 2021. Join this session for a tour of the new platform and find out how it will help your teams.
Simon Dunant, Director of Online Learning, Engaging Networks

Case study: CPRE star count : 2021 case study
CPRE supporters were asked to count the number of stars they could see in the night sky, and then submit it via an Engaging Networks form. This year was a record year – largely driven by social shares. And for the first time, supporters were presented with a customised thank you image for sharing which included the number of stars they had seen.
Calum McGregor, Digital Engagement Officer, CPRE the Countryside Charity
Joe Derry Hall, Digital Creative, Root to Branch Communications
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Case study: Turning a technical tree strategy into an accessible call to action
How we used an email to target action to generate in depth, personalised responses to a technical consultation and avoided submissions being counted as one repeated response.
Naomi Tilley, Lead Campaigner – Policy & Engagement, The Woodland Trust
Nicole Hillier, Campaigner – Woods Under Threat, The Woodland Trust
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Product Workshop: Fundraising tips and tricks
Learn how to set up mobile giving with digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal One Touch) and explore how to encourage supporters to cover processing fees with our new fee cover features.
Marta Fornal, Project Director, Global Client Success, Engaging Networks

Product Workshop: Email-to-target: Creating your own custom database, and more
You may be familiar with using our postcode enabled databases for building email-to-target campaigns, but this session will focus on building your own custom database, utilising a match field instead of a postcode to identify targets to contact.
Camille Teasdale, Tier 1 Client Support Lead, Engaging Networks

Case Study: Breaking the rules, digital fundraising during a pandemic
Rhiannan Sullivan and Andrew Taylor-Johnson will demonstrate how different organisations adapted, broke their own rules, and implemented successful survival strategies that we can all learn from moving forward. Human rights charity Liberty & global conversation and wildlife NGO Fauna and Flora International heavily ramped up their email acquisition and engagement efforts throughout the pandemic and largely through unique email journeys and digital strategies that used advocacy-based lead generation, content testing & optimisation, rule-breaking, and grit, these organisations’ efforts saw staggering results. You’ll get insights and lessons learnt and what can happen when you break either your own set or industry-established rules.
Rhiannan Sullivan, VP, Strategy & Partnerships, Europe, Care2
Andrew Taylor-Dawson, Development Manager, Liberty
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Case Study: An acquisition project to engage new audiences with a little-known issue
With the opportunity to run their biggest and most ambitious campaign yet, The Leprosy Mission wanted to engage new audiences with their cause: one that many people don’t know much about. Find out how they learned from past mistakes and worked with Forward Action on a Facebook acquisition project.
Hannah Mudge, Digital Innovation Manager, The Leprosy Mission
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Product Workshop: Email Marketing Automations – Jump to journey
Join this workshop to explore the EMA tool, and how to set up different automations based on different criteria. We will explore jump to journey, and how to implement that with welcome series automations.
Camille Teasdale, Tier 1 Client Support Lead, Engaging Networks

Product Workshop: How to keep your Engaging Networks account secure
In this session Jonathan will run through the key security features in Engaging Networks that will help to keep your account safe. From enabling two-factor authentication for your users, assigning permission groups to limit module access and running through the audit log tools that are available, you’ll leave this session with some tips on how to implement or update your security policies and procedures relating to your Engaging Networks account.
Jonathan Purchase, UK Business Director, Engaging Networks

Case study: Seamless supporter journeys – from localised data to crowdfunding
The results of The Ramblers’ Don’t Lose Your Way crowdsourcing campaign gave them a perfect data set to engage supporters in their work on a local level. By using a postcode lookup tool, alongside the newly added fundraising module, they were able to create a seamless supporter journey in Engaging Networks to drive donations.
Matt Strong, Campaigns and Engagement Officer, The Ramblers
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Case study: Petition to policy change – supermarket delivery slots for people with sight loss
In this case study, The Guide Dogs will examine how supporter actions can help a policy issue break into a crowded news cycle during the pandemic.
Emily Horsfall, Public Affairs, Policy and Campaigns Officer, Guide Dogs
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Product Workshop: Events – Ready, Set, Meet
We’ll catch you up on all the recent and upcoming additions to the Events module, including add-to-calendar links, split receipting , and Zoom integration.
John Siemiatkoski, Sales Engineer, Engaging Networks

Product Workshop: Showing actions on a map using the REST API 
Join Iain as he explains how to plot supporter actions on a map from the ENS REST API using a Node JS server, geocoding APIs and a mapping library. This will be a technical session intended for agencies and digital teams.
Iain Ure, Front-end Developer, Engaging Networks
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Learning session: How to send postcards to your targets, using Engaging Networks and ClickSend
Creating online advocacy that is engaging and impactful isn’t easy – supporters are overloaded with petitions and email to targets; whilst targets getting the same email multiple times can only go so far. By asking supporters to send physical postcards, you put a fun and creative twist on the classic ‘email to target’ and also create an impactful and personal experience for the target.
Jack Segal (C6 Digital) discusses building a Postcard tool for Greenpeace’s Transform Transport campaign, that integrates with ClickSend to send the physical postcards.
Whilst this talk is focused on sending postcards with ClickSend, it also gives a high level introduction to integrating EN with other tools / platforms to enhance your campaigning offerings.
Jack Segal, Executive Director, C6 Digital
Video | Slide deck | Demo link

Case study: Email to Target – taking it local
For their recent Too Much to Lose campaign on rehabilitation services, the MS Society used the letter to editor tool as a secondary local action for their most engaged campaigners to take, after a national campaign action and ask. They’ve also been trialling a series of blank Email to Target actions for campaigners to personalise with their own campaign issues and messages for our new local campaigning programme, Local Action for MS as tools to connect people to their decision-makers in a completely customisable way.
Hannah West, Senior Campaigns Officer & Ellen Buckerfield, Campaigns Manager, MS Society
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Product Workshop: P2P PFP
In Peer-to-Peer Past, Present, and Future, we will highlight some client successes with peer-to-peer fundraising, how your organization can get started now, and preview the plans for a new peer-to-peer engagement platform.
John Siemiatkoski, Sales Engineer, Engaging Networks

Product Workshop: Asking the right questions – using Next Suggested Gift to maximise giving
Next Suggested Gift is a powerful tool that asks your supporters for the amount that suits them. Find out more in this session.
Sam Louk, Tier 1 Client Support Lead, Engaging Networks

Case study: 30k in 30 days!
Using Engaging Networks to deliver great results in a charity with limited IT resource.
Peter Ward, Programme Manager, 24-7 Prayer
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Case study: Accessible Intelligence
Graham showcases some incredible results using machine learning
Graham Covington, CEO & Founder, Accessible Intelligence

Product Workshop: Extensions Party – Your Favourite Tools in One Place
You’re invited to take a tour of the new Extensions Manager in Engaging Networks, and find out how you can level up your campaigns and account with third-party integrations, such as Facebook, Okta, Zoom and more. You’ll also get a preview of upcoming integrations on the roadmap.
Jenn Morrison, Manager of Product Communications, Engaging Networks

Learning Session: The five disciplines of highly effective teams
A year of lockdowns, fear of the pandemic and working at home has been challenging for individuals and teams. As we are looking at better times ahead (but still not totally back to normal), now may be the right moment to put some time aside to develop your team. Because – there is much more to it than getting on with your teamsters!
High-performing teams have a shared purpose, clarity around individual roles and vibrant culture with healthy tension and support for each other. They have a good understanding of what they are delivering for other teams and the organisation as well as strong relationships with stakeholders. And in the middle of it all, high-performing teams constantly learn and optimise how they work.
In this session Brani will introduce the five disciplines of high-performing teams and share frameworks and tools you can use to plan and work with your own team.
Brani Milosevic, Digital Leadership Ltd

Learning Session: Turbocharging Engaging Networks Page Templates
Do you have “Template Anxiety,” “Page Envy,” or worry you might not be tracking the right metrics for your campaign? Do you want to go beyond just best practices? Then this session is for you.
Bryan Casler, Vice President of Strategy, 4Site Studios

Learning Session: The Power of Landing Page Optimisation (& the common pitfalls)
With the best of intentions, changes you make to your landing pages can do more harm than good. Eugene Flynn has been helping clients optimise supporter experience to grow their campaigns for nearly 20 years.
In this session he will identify common pitfalls and how to avoid them. He’ll share actionable insights that you can apply right away to create better experiences. You’ll learn what an effective process looks like and the role research plays in optimisation.
If you join live you’ll have an opportunity to win a free 30 minute coaching session with Eugene and access to free tools you can use in your research.
Eugene Flynn, Director, 54 Degrees

Day 3

Case Study: Going from IRL to digital campaigns and organising for UNISON regional staff
UNISON HQ has used Engaging Networks for many years, but the pandemic, combined with changing digital habits, catalysed UNISON, the biggest public service union in Europe to open out Engaging Networks digital tools to regional staff, doing the on the ground organising work. Bryony was brought on as a Digital Advocacy & Engagement Expert to oversee the creation and training of the new tools. This process of in real life, to digital in campaigns and organising, is the reverse of the project she embarked on years ago at 38 Degrees as the Head of IRL. She will talk us through the combining of digital and IRL campaigns and organising tools, and rolling out to regions, success, challenges, training format and freshest thinking.
Bryony Walker, Digital Advocacy and Engagement Expert, UNISON

Case Study: Helping Supporters Tell Their Story
Pet Partners celebrates “National Therapy Animal Day” on April 28 each year. This year, the organization charged supporters with promoting the day by sending personalized requests to local leaders seeking official proclamations. Learn how we created “mad libs” style Email to Target pages to help supporters create truly personal messages to their elected officials.
Brandon Fuller, Owner, We Raise the Roots
Mary Margaret, Chief Mission Officer, Pet Partners

Building on Engaging Networks
Creating new features and functionality to extend what’s available in Engaging Networks to maximise your campaigning and fundraising impact.
Glyn Thomas, Director, Root to Branch Communications
Joe Derry Hall, Root to Branch Communications

Learning Session: Reasons to be cheerful. How others are raising even more money and changing politics in the midst of chaos
What good news is there for fundraisers and campaigners during – and following – the pandemic? Rachel Collinson, Donor Whisperer, looks at emerging digital trends and winners. Which ones will work for you? Find out in this session.
Rachel Collinson, Owner, The Donor Whisperer

Case Study: Rapid innovation, explosive list growth and fundraising in an emergency.
When COVID-19 reached the UK, all of a sudden people with asthma started to take their condition seriously! At a time of widespread panic and fear, Asthma UK was able to provide reassurance and support to people with asthma when they needed it most. This rapid response grew an organic email list of 100,000 people and raised £80,000 by giving supporters what they needed most…. trustworthy and credible information.
Joe Aldrich, Senior Acquisition Manager, Asthma UK & British Lung Foundation Partnership
Eugene Flynn, Director of Possibilities, 54 Degrees

Case Study: Switching to Engaging Networks in 5 Weeks
Why we moved, how we moved and the difference the switch has made
Shaun Roberts, Head of Campaigns & Digital, Unlock Democracy
Video | Slide deck

Learning Session: The road to Free and Flexible Templates 2.0
What does the future hold for Engaging Networks Free and Flexible Page Templates. Learn about the latest changes and best practices being incorporated and what you can adapt for your pages today.
Bryan Casler, Vice President of Strategy, 4Site Studios

Case Study: P2P Success for Huntsman Cancer Foundation
Looking to take their Huntsman Challenge P2P Fundraiser to the next level, The Huntsman Cancer Foundation partnered with Firefly Partners to reach a bigger audience and increase donations. Learn how they completely customized their P2P fundraising pages and took their marketing to the next level in order to achieve bigger success!
Jen Frazier, Founder + CEO, Firefly Partners
Leslie Beck, Senior Web Developer, Firefly Partners
Jackie Brakey, Director of Integrated Communications, Huntsman Cancer Foundation
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Case Study: Versus Arthritis
Versus Arthritis carried out in-depth research showing that exercise can make dramatic improvements to the lives of people with arthritis and related conditions. With the Covid pandemic and lockdowns, adding movement to our lives has become a national obsession, more so for people with arthritis who were often shielding.
This is how the Let’s Move with Leon programme was born in May 2020. Rhian Horlock, strategic programme manager for physical activity, and Brani Milosevic of Digital Leadership, will explain how the programme was developed, including using Email Marketing Automation, and what results and lessons they learnt a year on.
Rhian Horlock, Strategic Programme Manager (Physical Activity), Versus Arthritis
Brani Milosevic, Founder, Digital Leadership Ltd