This online conference ran from 20-21 May 2020. On this page we’ll list the sessions that were presented along with icons to download the presentation slides  or view video recordings  . A full showcase of videos can be seen on one page here.

Thank you once again to everyone who took the time to present their case studies and learning sessions!


 Always Innovating
Graham Covington (CEO & Founder, Engaging Networks)
We kicked off the conference with a session from the CEO of Engaging Networks, highlighting some of the last year’s successes and our plans for the future.

Case studies delivered by Engaging Networks clients

 Digital Mobilisation: How to attract 100,000 new supporters, then mobilise them to fundraise and campaign
David Pearce (Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Dignity in Dying)
Anne Clark (Digital Strategy Manager, Forward Action)
Dignity in Dying is using digital mobilisation to fundraise and accelerate our campaign for law change. In this session, they’ll present data on the strategy and tactics we’ve used to recruit 110,000 new supporters, drive tens of thousands of pounds in donations, and mobilise our supporters to change the minds of their political representatives through face-to-face advocacy.

PIP Fails – gamifying our campaign on disability benefits
Ellen Buckerfield (Senior Campaigns Officer, MS Society)
Steve Frost (Marketing Manager, MS Society)
Glyn Thomas (Root to Branch Communications)
In the run-up to last year’s general election, the MS Society decided to trial a different approach to engage supporters in an open letter to the next UK Government, using Engaging Networks to create a quiz based on the real life experiences of people with MS. They’ll talk about how it worked, what was learned and what they’d do differently next time.

Making campaigning accessible in our campaign to reform sick pay
Miriam Steiner (Youth and Communities Campaigns Officer, Scope)
Scope campaigns for a fairer society for disabled people and their families. As a pan disability charity, accessibility is their mantra. Scope launched its most recent campaign ‘Stuck’ early this year, aiming to reform Statutory Sick Pay. From alt-text to subtitles to audio description, join Scope’s campaigns team as they give you top accessibility tips and explore the principles of accessible content, digital campaigning and using Engaging Networks to make sure everyone can campaign with you.

Further adventures in optimisation: taking our donation pages and emails to the next level
Hannah Mudge (Digital Innovation Manager, The Leprosy Mission), John Robertson (Links Street)
After ‘going digital’ in 2013, The Leprosy Mission has grown its online income significantly in partnership with Engaging Networks. Now in 2020, with the launch of a new website and more connected systems, they’ve worked to make the most of their new donation pages. After using the same designs for some time, they used split tests to optimise their pages and take the website to the next level as they look towards further digital transformation in the organisation.

Peer-to-peer: setting up a virtual event campaign from concept to creation
Claire Finigan (Sporting & Events Lead, Asthma UK)
Eugene Flynn (54 Degrees)
Ever wondered what would happen if you took that vague fundraising idea and just ran with it? Intrigued to find out what the launch of a virtual event looks like? Thinking about offering something to reach those supporters who typically look on from the side lines? Curious about how much you can customise the design of your Peer-to-Peer pages? Last year, Asthma UK explored the Peer-to-Peer Engaging Networks module to create a brand new Virtual Event, from scratch. In this session Claire  and Eugene will share their journey, from creation to concept, covering insight, practical tips and lessons learned.

 COVID-19: Engaging Networks clients on the front-line
Joanna Warner (Director of International Business Development, Engaging Networks)
Hannah Winter (Digital Communications Manager, Refugee Action)
Joe Aldrich (Senior Acquisition Manager, Asthma UK)
Grace Macinnes (Digital Marketing Officer, The Children’s Society)
Paul Hayward (Head of Public Fundraising, Action on Hearing Loss)
In this session, front-line organisations showcased  their campaigns made in response to the Coronavirus.

“OK but what’s in it for us?” Making consultations work for data-greedy campaigns teams
Matthew Cunningham (Digital Coordinator, Living Streets)
Public consultations, when run well, are a solid principle of a working democracy. And yet they can pose challenges for campaigning organisations who not only want to affect change but to empower their supporters to be part of that change – and to be able to demonstrate the part they played. Consultations can be technical, making it hard for lay people to engage. And of course, as they are run externally, it is hard to track supporters’ involvement in any meaningful way. In 2019, Living Streets used a nationwide consultation on one of its key campaign issues, pavement parking, as an opportunity to do consultations differently. Rather than just providing tips on how to “have their say”, they wove their supporters’ responses into their organisation’s response – and with powerful results. This presentation will talk about how and why they planned this, and the successes and learning it offered up.

Using Engaging Networks to launch a regular giving programme
Stefan Donnelly (Fairtrade Foundation), Stephanie Wong (Fairtrade Foundation), Sam Platt (Fairtrade Foundation), Glyn Thomas (Root to Branch)
Last year, the Fairtrade Foundation launched Live Fair, their first regular giving programme. Supporters receive a quarterly box and exclusive online content. Working with Glyn Thomas and other agencies and freelancers they used Engaging Networks software to launch, manage and evaluate the programme.

  Digital lead generation: Playing the long game
Rhiannan Sullivan (Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships, Europe, Care2), Andrew Taylor-Dawson (Development Manager, Liberty)
“What’s your expected 3 month ROI for your digital lead generation plan?” asks your budget holder. A question that probably sounds all too familiar when pitching for budget and new approaches to help your organisation raise more money effectively online. This session will look at how you can bring your management on-board to new thinking, how to achieve ongoing consistent results with your digital lead generation recruitment as well as taking advantage of spikes and peaks throughout the year. Liberty and Care2 will discuss how diversification and flexibility in your planning and strategy can really help make a big impact to your conversion results. The session will also demonstrate how Liberty have used the Engaging Networks platform to maximise their supporter journey development & tactics.

Small Steps, Great Leaps – developing a digital programme for recruiting and retaining new supporters
Joanna Felgate (Head of Supporter Fundraising, Refuge)
Gabi Field (Refuge)
During the past 12 months, Refuge has been developing a digital programme for recruiting and retaining new supporters. This programme was still very much in development and testing phase when Covid—19 happened and everything changed. Find out how Refuge’s preliminary work in digital enabled the Individual Giving team to significantly increase donations (both one off and direct debits) from new supporters, whilst the Events team launched a number of successful virtual events in record time.

 Capitalising on the snap General Election of December 2019 to revive Engaging Networks
Beth Exworth (Campaigns Officer, Stroke Association)
James White (Head of Advocacy and Campaigns, Stroke Association)
Has your use of Engaging Networks stalled? Are your colleagues unconvinced of the value of the tool, or of how campaigning might relate to their own work? In this session, Stroke will walk you through how they revived Engaging Networks for their snap General Election campaign, working closely with colleagues, and the results they achieved.

Building an integrated national and local digital and offline campaign
Benali Hamdache (Campaigns Engagement Manager, Parkinson’s UK), Jess Lincoln (Senior Marketing Officer, Parkinson’s UK), Jack Grant (Local Campaigns Officer, Parkinson’s UK)
People with Parkinson’s aren’t getting their medication on time in hospital. In fact Parkinson’s UK’s most recent audit found over half of people going into hospital were getting at least some medicine late. The impact can be devastating, with people sometimes losing the ability to walk and talk. The levers for fixing this problem are multifaceted. It relies on local hospitals changing policies and resourcing. It needs leadership from the NHS. In 2019, Parkinson’s UK launched an integrated digital and offline campaign, bringing together volunteers and online supporters to campaign for change. They’ll discuss how they used Engaging Networks, social media and local networks to recruit and train volunteers, contact decision makers and grow their supporter base.

  New brand new me: Redesigning pages templates to increase conversion
Calum McGregor (Digital Engagement Officer, The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE))
Glyn Thomas (Root to Branch Communications)
When the launch to the world of CPRE’s new brand was brought forward at short notice, they needed some new templates, and fast. Working with Root to Branch they were able to revamp their donation, data capture and campaigning templates with modern form design to create a new brand feeling and increase page conversion.

Learning sessions delivered by Engaging Networks accredited partners and industry experts

 Panel session: How can we adapt? Continuing to build communities and campaigns during the COVID-19 crisis.
Keira Roth (UK Business Development Director, Engaging Networks), Rhiannan Sullivan (Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships, Care2), Michael Austin (Digital Mobilisation Specialist, Greenpeace International), Rachel Collinson (The Donor Whisperer), Alex Lloyd Hunter (Co-Founder & Director, Forward Action)
A panel of industry experts took your questions.

Top tips for having challenging conversations
Brani Milosevic (Digital Leadership)
As digital leads we sometimes need to say ‘no’. But it can be hard to do it without alienating the other person. As managers and colleagues we sometimes need to give challenging feedback. But it can be hard to do it with honesty while maintaining a good working relationship. In this workshop you’ll hear top tips for having challenging conversations. Then you’ll be able to put those top tips into practice, working with your peers. Suitable for digital leads, team managers and anyone who manages projects, working with a number of stakeholders.

 How to get your messaging right without having to hire an eccentric genius
Rachel Collinson (The Donor Whisperer)
In this session you’ll discover a method for testing and proving what language and framing really makes your audience tick. This is all without using expensive focus groups or taking a high stakes gamble on a hunch. We’ll explore tools that are readily available to you and how you can use them to switch up your messaging while avoiding costly mistakes.

 You don’t need a microsite for custom features
Jack Segal (Executive Director, C6 Digital)
Sometimes “out of the box” isn’t enough – there could be campaign specific requirements, or you might just want to freshen up your standard template. When organisations ask for custom features, agencies can quickly lean to building a microsite, which inevitability adds complexity and cost – but is it always necessary? In this session, Jack will discuss building a heavily customised “Email to Target” for Greenpeace’s “Protect the Oceans” campaign, which was used to get over 130 MPs to pledge support. The customisations include adding functionality for MPs to pledge support for the campaign; having different supporter asks depending on whether their MP has pledged; adding a picture of the MP; and splitting the supporter journey into “single action” steps. The talk covers the importance of customisation; the pros and cons of microsites; how to extend Engaging Networks; and whether the customisation makes a difference when tested.

 How to use conversational marketing to reach, acquire and engage new supporters NOW.
Eugene Flynn (54 Degrees)
Is your supporter journey overly dependent on email? Do you want to explore how you can use real-time conversational channels like Messenger, Twitter, SMS and others for campaign actions? Hear how you can simplify lead acquisition at scale and boost online giving? Conversational marketing uses targeted messaging and intelligent chatbots to engage with leads in real-time and conversational tools connect you with the people who are ready to act NOW. Eugene Flynn and his team at 54 Degrees have developed campaigning automation that works through channels such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, Telegram (and more) and integrates with Engaging Networks. Come along, hear some real data on how Facebook Messenger is performing as a campaigning channel and learn some tips and tactics you can use.

 How to get your messaging right without having to hire an eccentric genius
Rachel Collinson (The Donor Whisperer)
In this session you’ll discover a method for testing and proving what language and framing really makes your audience tick. This is all without using expensive focus groups or taking a high stakes gamble on a hunch. We’ll explore tools that are readily available to you and how you can use them to switch up your messaging while avoiding costly mistakes.

Dos and don’ts of managing digital change
Brani Milosevic (Digital Leadership)
Over many years of supporting different types of organisations through digital change, Brani has distilled some top tips for managing change with teams, colleagues and senior leaders. This session will go through what to do and what to avoid and will provide space for sharing and discussion. If you are at the beginning or in the process of digital change (e.g. CRM implementation, new website project, digital or fundraising campaign, Engaging Networks implementation) – make sure you come along!

Product Workshops and Innovation sessions on all things Engaging Networks

 The full package – why using Engaging Networks to integrate advocacy, fundraising and email pays dividends
Ben Childers (Director of Account Services – North America)
Join Ben, who will be discussing how clients take advantage of having a robust fundraising, advocacy, and email marketing platform. The different modules in your account can unite to give your supporters a seamless journey, meaning they are more likely to take action or donate, or both. Using one system for everything will also make your life so much easier. In this session, Ben will use case studies from our North American clients to highlight some of the successes of this approach, along with some practical tips on the integration tools available.

 Hidden Gems of Engaging Networks
Ben Childers (Director of Account Services – North America, Engaging Networks)
A true classic – make your efforts in Engaging Networks shine bright like a diamond with this session on all of the tools and tricks many users overlook. Are you identifying those supporters who consistently share your efforts on social media? Are your pages set-up for one-click donations and actions? What is your engagement score telling you about your list health? Bring some bling back to work with all of the gems you’ll find at this session.

 Managing your email lists to maximise deliverability
Gwynne Dixon (Development Operations Engineer, Engaging Networks)
Getting your email into your supporters’ inboxes requires constant monitoring. But by following the simple rules discussed in this session and by creating some procedures for managing your data, you can keep the likes of Gmail and Yahoo happy, and increase your open rates.

 Page templates and blueprints
Corin Hartley-Pearce (Director of Account Services – UK, Engaging Networks)
Blueprints are a great way to allow your templates to be easily changed without any knowledge of HTML. In this session, Corin will do a quick run through of how they work.

 Showcasing the new Salesforce Connector
Dan Szymczak (Senior Director – Product, Engaging Networks)
A brand new tool is in development, that will mean you can easily integrate your Engaging Networks data with your Salesforce database of record. In this session, Dan will demonstrate this tool for the first time!