ENCC DC 2022

THURSDAY 6TH OCTOBER 2022 8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Arrival, Registration, and Networking

Please join us for breakfast at AGU Building from 8.30 am!

Welcome to ENCC DC!

Sean Dotson, Account Success Manager, Engaging Networks
Cat Kustes, Account Success Manager, Engaging Networks

Keynote: Where have we been and where are we going?

Opening keynote.

Ben Childers, Vice President of Global Client Success, Engaging Networks
Clint O’Brien, President and COO, Engaging Networks
Farhat Noor, Chief Technology Officer, Engaging Networks
Joanne Warner, Vice President of Growth & Revenue, Engaging Networks

New & Upcoming at Engaging Networks

Dan Szymczak, Senior Director, Product, Engaging Networks
Jenn Morrison, Manager of Product Communications, Engaging Networks
Sam Louk, Tier 1 Client Support Lead, Engaging Networks


Case Study: Real-Time Supporter Data Scrubbing

Rainforest Action Network and organizations working with Raise the Roots reduced the friction of their Engaging Networks pages by standardizing supporter-entered mailing addresses and phone numbers in real time. This change improved data consistency and appended 9-digit zip codes for congressional district mapping. We’ll learn how they both worked with 4Site Studios’ new TidyContact service to get this done. Before we end, we’ll take a sneak peek at TidyContact’s coming features, including “remember me” for quicker giving, real-time donor error reporting, enhanced email validation, and international currency normalization.

Angela Stoutenburgh, Senior Digital Fundraising Strategist, Rainforest Action Network
Bryan Casler, Vice President of Strategy, 4Site Studios
Brandon Fuller, Owner + Chief Strategist, Raise the Roots

Case Study: Texting for Equality: A Case study with HRC

For over a decade, the Human Rights Campaign has been using the power of text to connect with its base of supporters to create real change and raise money. In this case study, you will walk away with knowledge about how a broadcast text program can help you with local advocacy, national rapid response outreach, get out the vote efforts, and raise money at key moments.

Zoey McShane, Digital Strategy Coordinator, Human Rights Campaign
Rachel Kottler, Digital Director, Lautman Maska Neill & Company
Marcus Lee, Associate Director of Online Strategy, Lautman Maska Neill & Company
David Salisbury, Associate Director of Online Strategy, Lautman Maska Neill & Company

Product Workshop: Meeting the new MasterCard Requirements on Engaging Networks

Join Engaging Networks and iATS Payments for a walkthrough of Mastercard’s upcoming mandates for nonprofits and learn how Engaging Networks can help you manage them. * Including a sneak peak at a new email marketing automation, debuting this fall.

Conor Galvin, Partner Success & Enablement Manager, iATS Payments
Joel Terrell, Tier 1 Client Support Specialist, Engaging Networks

Join us for lunch at the AGU Building in Washington D.C.

Panel Discussion: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility (DEIA)

Join us for a thoughtful discussion on the ways we can make the nonprofit sector better for everyone. From building diverse teams at organization like yours, to eliminating bias in your digial campaigns, to ensureing all folks can get involved with your work, you’ll hear multiple perspectives on how to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in your daily work from three amazing panelists who are already doing it.

Chris Carter, President, Candela
Tie Hardy, UX Developer & Researcher, Firefly Partners

Digital Leadership Discussion: Automating Engagement

One of the most frustrating indicators in an email program is a growing lapsed file. Many organizations struggle with the question of what to do when their lapsed file is growing, dragging down the performance of their program benchmarks. While we tend to pay more attention to acquisition as a source of revenue, we also must find ways to retain revenue from our existing supporters. Automating engagement is one way to help.

Building an engagement funnel using marketing automations can help sustain life in your email file – and give you tools to easily measure and optimize its performance over time. In this session Grassriots and Oceana Canada will showcase how you can audit your email program for engagement, build simple segments to measure engagement on an ongoing basis, and support increasing engagement with a simple to follow marketing automation strategy that any program can adapt.

Ryan Baillargeon, Founder & CEO, Grassriots
Rachelle Young, Communications Associate, Oceana Canada 


Case Study: From crawling to walking – 1 year on Engaging Networks

Come see how the Humane Society of the United States went from taking baby steps to making big moves after migrating from Convio to EN last year in coordination with Zuri Group. They’ll discuss some easy (and not so easy) wins to make the most out of the platform in year 1, including donation page optimizations, symbolic giving, advocacy pages and email automations that you should have in place. They’ll also share knowledge from affiliate Humane Society International, a long-time EN client. Whether you are an EN “baby” or not, this session has something for everyone!

Gabby Green, Director, Email Marketing, The Humane Society of the United States
Sarah Braun, Email Marketing Manager, The Humane Society of the United States
Chris Keane, Web Developer, The Humane Society of the United States
Molly Kelly, President, Digital Solutions, Zuri Group

Case Study: 99 Truths and a Lie: One hundred tips from one hundred Engaging Networks clients

Zuri Group reveals lessons learned from over 100 projects.

Molly Kelly, President, Digital Solutions, Zuri Group
Joe Hallissey, Senior Consultant, Zuri Group
Claire Megginson, Senior Director of Project Management, Zuri Group

Product Workshop: TBD

Participatory with Engaging Networks team.

Morgan Radbourne, Enterprise Account Success Manager, Engaging Networks

Enjoy an amazing “Fall Harvest” rooftop happy hour to network with like minded folks at inspiring organizations sponsored by 4Site Studios and Zuri Group.

FRIDAY 7TH OCTOBER 2022 8:30 am - 5:30 pm



Arrival, Registration, and Networking

Please join us for breakfast at AGU Building from 8.30 am!

Case Study: Segmentation – the not so secret ingredient to enhance your email program

“How you can increase engagement and activate donors through segmentation and Engaging Networks.

Have you ever wondered if your email campaigns can do more? THEY CAN!

Dive into this session to learn tips and tricks on how segmentation can help you keep a healthy email list, increase engagement and conversions, and cultivate better relations with your current supporters while activating new supporters.”

Jess McLean, Digital Marketing Specialist, Oceana

Hidden Gems

We all share our favorite ‘hidden gems from our platform. platform. Find out what you’re missing from Engaging Networks!

The Engaging Networks team

Product Workshop: TBD

Participatory with Engaging Networks team.

Case Study: Subscription management

How White Coast Waste Project leveraged a custom opt-out page and email marketing automations to cut down unsubscribe rates by 50%.

Mackie Burr, Vice President of Online Fundraising, White Coat Waste

Join us for lunch at the AGU Building in Washington D.C.

Product Workshop: TBD

The Engaging Networks team

Game: Engaging Networks presents the sustainer match game

Match your sustainer knowledge with our panel of fundraising superstars! Play against your fellow ENCC attendees for fun and/or prizes while you learn about best practices for Monthly and Annual recurring giving. Contestants from the ENCC audience will be quizzed by our host Sean Dotson and try to match their answers with our celebrity panel of fundraising experts.

Brandon Hemel, Senior Director – Data Strategy & Management, Membership Marketing & Development Services, WETA
Sean Dotson, Account Success Manager, Engaging Networks

Case Study: Using Profiles to Present Custom Donation Form Experience

In this session, we will showcase how we use profiles to present different donation experiences, why we decided to move away from a unified donation form, and how we tested into this experience.

Sean Wagman, Account Director, Digital, CCAH
Zakeia Rogers, Direct Marketing Manager, Animal Legal Defense Fund


Case Study: Using Next Suggested Gift Levels on your Fundraising pages for Year-End or Renewals

Learn how to use dynamic ask strings on your donation pages and in time for year-end giving or renewals. Check out this walk through on how the National Trust for Historic Preservation has leveraged the Next Suggested Gift (NSG), Highest Previous Contribution (HPC), and conditional profile feature in their appeals and pages to raise their average one-time and monthly donation gift amounts.

Maan Sacdalan, Director of Digital Production & Database Management, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Amanda Cline, Senior Manager of Annual Giving, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Case Study: Wild Wild Test: How to Test & Optimize your Website

Testing can often feel like the wild wild west. It’s always difficult to know where to start, or how your supporters will respond to specific messaging, campaigns, or even branding that you use in your email, website, and social media platforms. Before you jump in: test it! Cornershop and Friends of the Earth will present on how you can test content in emails and websites, what tools can help you, what impact it has had on the Friends of the Earth efforts, and how you can implement it yourself.

Andi Salinas, Project Manager, Cornershop
Meg Sabatino, Senior Digital Innovation Specialist, Friends of the Earth

Discussion: Digital Leadership Talk

Eugene Flynn, Director, 54 Degrees


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