ENCC18 Sessions

The 2018 Engaging Networks Community Conference Schedule is finalized! This year's content will deepen your understanding of Engaging Networks, offer new and unique strategies for your work and prepare you for an amazing year-end and new year.

Monday, October 1, 2018

5:00 PM - Happy hour hosted by Care2 at Bar Deco

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

9:00 AM - Room A+B - Keynote 

by Graham Covington, CEO, Engaging Networks

10:15 AM - Room A - Email Segmentation & Conditional Content

by Seth Merritt of PS Digital and Erik Rubadeau of Yeeboo Digital

Join us as we discuss segmenting email lists and leveraging the powerful Conditional Content features in Engaging Networks. Presenters will share both success stories and lessons learned. Please bring your own examples and questions.

10:15 AM - Room B - How new templates, analytics, and Google Optimize are helping Ocean Conservancy boost online giving and advocacy

by Bryan Casler and Tayo Olayinka of 4Site Studios and Jen Boland of Beaconfire RED

Do you have "Template Anxiety," "Page Envy," or worry you might not be tracking the right metrics for your campaign? Then this session is for you. We'll review from start to finish the complete overhaul of Ocean Conservancy's Online Giving and Advocacy pages. We'll look at what motivated their change, the design approach, technical underpinnings for the project, migration strategy, how campaign performance is measured, and how Google Optimize is helping test and drive ongoing improvements.

10:15 AM - Room C - 5 Easy Ways To Increase P2P Participant Recruitment

by Skeff Flynn of Zuri Group

In today’s digital landscape, your organization needs a strong peer-to-peer fundraising strategy in its fundraising toolkit so that you can expand your reach and maximize your social impact.

In this presentation, we’ll talk about the impact that motivation, storytelling, competition and captains have on the success of your P2P fundraiser, and provide you with some marketing tools that you can start using right away to increase participant recruitment.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain fresh insight on how to use motivation and impact messaging to increase participant engagement
  • Strategies to develop the competitive edge using mobile optimized tools and templates
  • Explore communication strategies for cultivating your strongest supporters"

11:30 AM - Room A - Start channelling the power of Engaging Networks through your data

by Chris Carter and Farrah Rooney of Candela Strategies

In this session Farrah and Chris from Candela Strategies will walk through their top 10 best practices for data success and review a case study from a charity who re-organized their data to tap into a new treasure trove of potential. We will also explore some of the fantastic features that can be leveraged with your data in Engaging Networks to better engage and steward your donors, including tracking, highest previous contribution and profiles.

11:30 AM - Room B - Don't Stop Believing - 4 Journeys to Engage Supporters Faithfully

by Gabby Green of Humane Society International and Brandon Fuller of Raise the Roots

You can design a marketing automation Anyway You Want It. But to keep those supporters turning to you with Open Arms, make sure you've setup these four Journeys. Humane Society International's Gabby Green and Raise the Roots' Brandon Fuller will walk you through the different ways HSI has successfully configured four categories of automations to welcome and re-engage supporters, while growing monthly giving and birthday peer-to-peer campaigns. See the stats, emails, and automation designs, then learn how to setup your own.

11:30 AM - Room C - Making the Most of the Engaging Networks: How Firefly Partners and Huntsman Cancer Foundation Worked Together to Improve Online Communication

by Jen Frazier and Patrick DiGiulian of Firefly Partners

Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) funds the efforts of Huntsman Cancer Institute to better understand and treat cancer, encouraging patients, caregivers, and donors to come together through programs and community outreach. HCF called on Firefly Partners to improve their online communications and launch the organization’s first-ever DIY crowdfunding campaign. Using the Engaging Networks platform, we worked with them to design new webpages and email templates that help them better engage their constituents year-round, optimize donation forms to highlight monthly giving, and develop new marketing automations to guide their constituents into pathways of engagement. In this session we’ll provide a case study on how to make the most of everything Engaging Networks has to offer.

1:45 PM - Room C - Creating Donation, Advocacy and Event Pages with our NEW Page-builder Templates

by Maan Sacdalan of Engaging Networks

Do you need to quickly spin up a page for year-end? Do you have an urgent advocacy petition or email to target campaign you need to create? Join Maan, our resident front end designer and support team member as she walks you through setting up donation, email to target and event pages using the new page-builder template tool.

1:45 PM - Room B - Hidden Gems of Engaging Networks

by Ben Childers of Engaging Networks

Back by popular demand! Make your efforts in Engaging Networks shine bright like a diamond with this session on all of the tools and tricks many users overlook. Are you identifying those supporters who consistently share your efforts on social media? Are your pages set-up for one-click donations and actions? What is your engagement score telling you about your list health? Bring some bling back to work with all of the gems you’ll find at this session.

1:45 PM - Room A - Roadmap Deep Dive

by Graham Covington, CEO of Engaging Networks

Are you curious about which new features Engaging Networks will be rolling out in 2018? Perhaps there are a couple of features you’re really hoping will be on the list. Come to this interactive session, led by Engaging Networks’ CEO Graham Covington, to find out which cool new features are in store. Come prepared to make suggestions, too. This is a community of practice and your ideas might help the whole Engaging Networks client community!

3:15 PM - Room A - How We Saved Christmas: A Tale of Email Deliverability

by Jen Boland and Ashleigh Lambert of Beaconfire RED

Beaconfire RED will walk you through the process of restoring email deliverability after an organization suffers severe email deliverability issues. Hear our tale of partnering with one client to boost performance just in time for Year End. You’ll also learn best practices to maintain a high deliverability rate using Engaging Network’s Engagement Scores, and reactivate emails “on the naughty list” (aka undeliverable).

3:15 PM - Room B - A campaigner, a data geek and their executive director walk into a bar…

by Ryan Baillargeon and Ryann Miller of Grassriots

You can’t step-up your organization’s digital strategy in isolation. If you want to lead the next digital revolution you’re going to need to drop that silo mentality and learn to work together. Your organization needs to move forward with a unified vision towards a common goal. But, how can you do that when you don’t share metrics, or even agree on what those metrics should be.

A modern digital program needs cross-functional KPIs. That is why our new favorite change management tool is Google Analytics. You don’t need to invest in tracking everything, you need to invest in tracking the right things — and that is something unique to your vision, your mission, and how you translate those online.

We’ll explore some of the common barriers to digital transformation and how analytics can be a trojan horse to building buy-in for investment in digital. Learn how to align your business objectives with your digital platforms and build custom metrics on Google Analytics that integrate with Engaging Networks. Walk away inspired to build a common vocabulary around about performance success, metrics and performance that every role in your organization can understand.

3:15 PM - Room C - Advocacy Triple Threat

by Alexa Schaeffer of Polaris, Alex Gray of Oceana, and John Siemiatkoski of Engaging Networks

Get ready to take your advocacy program to the next level with multiple actions across media. Use email, Twitter and phone to target municipal, county and state targets and to post to regulations.gov.

Alex Gray will share Oceana’s success with using Engaging Networks new service to automatically deliver supporter messages to dockets on regulations.gov.

Alexa Schaeffer of Polaris will preview a national campaign to combat human trafficking in massage parlors by targeting municipal, county and state lawmakers through email and Twitter messaging – all from a single page.

John Siemiatkoski, Engaging Networks Sales Engineer, will preview our new Click-to-Call tool, which is scheduled for release in November. John will also discuss new targeting features and contact databases.

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM - Rooftop Reception

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

8:30 AM - Breakfast

9:00 AM - Room A+B - Opening Plenary Panel Discussion on Marketing Automation

by Brandon Fuller of We Raise the Roots, Drew Daniels of Human Rights Campaign, Brenna Holmes of CCAH, Ben Childers of Engaging Networks

10:15 AM - Room A - Marketing Automation Hands On

By Ben Childers, Josh Miller, Maan Sacdalan and Sam Louk of Engaging Networks and Brandon Fuller of Raise the Roots

Join the Engaging Networks team (and alumni!) for hands on help setting up your marketing automation journies. The five of us will be available to assist you in setting up a basic welcome series for donors, advocates, or supporters. Or, we can work with you to design a lapsed supporter workflow that uses our email engagement score. We hope you'll join us for an ENCC first!

10:15 AM - Room B - Fall Tune-up for your Donation pages

by John Siemiatkoski of Engaging Networks

Our page-builder mechanic will help you keep your donation campaigns running smoothly:

  • Test Drive - Use the Split Test page to diagnose which pages work best with your supporters.
  • Domestic or import? Adding multiple languages can expand your donor base.
  • New paint job? Our free and flexible page templates can give your old ride a new look.
  • Regular or Premium – offer a free gift to upsell donors with our Premium Donation Page.
  • High Octane Fundraising – use Highest Previous Contribution to increase giving to higher levels.

10:15 AM - Room C - The First Steps of Your Website Accessibility Journey

by Ira Horowitz of Cornershop Creative

Making sure your site is accessible is important for so many critical reasons, but it can be intimidating to sort through the details to determine which standards to try to meet — Section 508? WCAG 2.0 level AA? — and figure out if you’re meeting them. ANY accessibility efforts are better than none. Being mindful of not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, this session will cover “getting going,” outlining some of the most important low-hanging fruit you should be sure to address, and highlighting easy and free automated testing tools. Even some simple actions and tests can make a huge difference for your users! Accessibility perfection may be a journey of a thousand miles, but attend this session and we’ll take the first few big steps together.

11:30 AM - Room A - Peer-to-Peer: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

By Joe Hallissey of Mercy Home for Boys and Girls

After more than a year of continuous registrations and donations, hear from Mercy Home for Boys & Girls about what was learned (and lost) from running a peer-to-peer campaign on Engaging Networks around one of the world’s largest running events.

11:30 AM - Room B - eCommerce: New Tools for This Season's Symbolic Giving and More

by Kathy Powers of Engaging Networks

The newest and hottest addition to the Engaging Networks toolset is eCommerce. We've rolled out this new module to focus on symbolic giving with plans to ramp up to a full-fledged eCommerce platform in 2019. Join us for an overview of how to launch a store in Engaging Networks now. There is still time to add this to your year-end 2018 strategy!

11:30 AM - Room C - The Not-So-Mysterious World of Integrations

by Lucas Cunningham and Sarah Birnie of ROI Solutions

Do you shudder with fear when someone suggests you sync multiple systems? Do you hide in the corner when someone mentions their API? Fear no more. Join our technology partner ROI Solutions as they demystify integrations, and share tips and tricks for integrations that work hard (so you don't have to).

1:30 PM - Room A - Practical API Solutions 2: Automation to head off the robot revolution

by Sean Powell of The Engage Group

Join Sean Powell in as he explains how the Engage Group has leveraged our (and other's) open APIs to meet their client's needs with a variety of examples and case studies. You'll walk away from this session with some really exciting ideas that you can take back to your team and brainstorm about new ways to use and display your data.

1:30 PM - Room B - With a Little Help from Their Friends

by John Siemiatkoski of Engaging Networks

Peer-to-Peer fundraising is great way to convert your supporters into fundraisers. Adding Peer-to-Peer fundraising can help you deepen your supporter engagement, raise more money, and acquire new donors and supporters. We will provide an overview of the Engaging Networks Peer-to-Peer module and show you how to:

  • Select the right campaign type for your organization
  • Customize your site with your branding and language
  • Coach your participants with marketing automation
  • Convert Peer-to-Peer donors to activists and fundraisers

1:30 PM - Room C - Maximize Monthly Giving – Using all the tools in your toolbox!

by Brenna Holmes of CCAH

Are you looking to grow your sustainer program? Who isn’t! Come join us for a caffeinated discussion among industry professionals to explore all the ways you can maximize monthly giving to give your nonprofit that stable source of income you’ve always dreamed about.

You’ll learn how successful nonprofits go about getting and keeping sustainers. How modeling should be used to find the best monthly donor prospects, and the media best suited to acquiring and converting them! We’ll talk about creative and offer tests that work (and those that didn’t…), and the lessons learned about maintaining (and growing!) a robust monthly donor program.

2:45 PM - Room A - Wait ... 30% of Your File is Signing up for Recurring Donations?

by Rachel Kottler of Lautman, Maska, Neill & Company and Drew Daniels of Human Rights Campaign

Strong retention AND consistent revenue - everyone wants it! But how do you get it? Learn how the Human Rights Campaign has been able to transform its membership program so a third of all donors are giving on a monthly or annual recurring basis - resulting in over $1.1 million in monthly revenue and nearly $500,000 in pledged automatic annual giving. You'll learn best practices for growing your monthly sustainer program across all channels, including mail, telemarketing, email and mobile. Plus, you will learn how to set up and maintain an annual renewal program, where donors opt-in to be automatically charged a renewal gift at the same time every year. We'll share tips that apply to non-profits of every size - and let you in on how you can best use each channel to increase your number of recurring donors, increase retention, upgrade sustainer giving, and recapture lapsed sustainers.

2:45 PM - Room B - Machine Learning and Online Engagement

by Graham Covington, CEO of Engaging Networks

What is going to drive the future of digital fundraising and advocacy? How can machine learning assist online campaigners as they try to engage with their supporters? Join Engaging Networks CEO, Graham Covington, as he answers these questions and many more is a session about machine learning, algorithms, and his newest company, Accessible Intelligence.

2:45 PM - Room C - The New Rules for Email Deliverability - Or, how to keep your email list from getting crushed

By Eric Rardin of Care2 and Engaging Networks

With today's Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cracking down on high-volume emailers to the point that legitimate organizations like yours may be suffering, you'll need to quickly embrace the new rules of email deliverability if you want to prevent plummeting inbox rates or avoid penalties.

Best practices of only a few years ago are no longer sufficient. In this session, we'll review with you critical industry changes, illustrate the costs of failing to meet current standards, and explore solutions in detail.

To make sure you get the highest possible percentage of messages delivered to your subscribers' inboxes, you need to make the big ISPs are happy. And that's not easy. Join us for this session and learn how to get along with the increasingly restrictive policies of these email giants, how to prevent a shutdown, and how to recover if you do get shut down.

Client Quotes

Working within the new Engaging Networks interface is a breeze! Now that our templates are set up, it saves me at least two hours of work to set up an event registration page. This is a great leap forward!

Liz Walsh, Human Rights Watch