Crisis Response Resources

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Engaging Networks has taken steps to ensure continued stability and support for our clients worldwide. These steps include planning for the possibility that any of our team members — currently working from home — could be affected by the virus and forced to stop working. Among other steps, we have made arrangements with several accredited partner agencies to step in and provide back-up technical support to our clients if it became necessary. At this time when nonprofits are taking heroic action to help people, animals, the environment and our world, we remain more committed than ever to supporting charitable organizations so they can keep doing their vital work.

What is Crisis Response?

Crisis response in the digital space is the act of assembling a digital campaign and strategy (often quickly) in response to a localized or widespread crisis. It can involve both rapid response and long-term planning as well as communications across a variety of channels.

We’ve been compiling information and ideas to assist you in these situations. You can find these tools here on this page. We’ll continue to add to this collection over time.

Partner and Peer Resources

Our amazing networks of partners and peer organizations is producing valuable content on rapid response campaigns, working from home and more. Some of those resources are listed below.

Industry Organizations

  • The NTEN blog offers great ideas for how to work from home, plan your day and where your focus should be right now.
  • Civil Society is producing some great studies for the UK market on the impact of COVID-19 on charities.

Accredited Partner Resources

  • Zuri Group has chimed in on hosting virtual peer-to-peer campaigns among other things.
  • HJC shares some tips on fundraising in the time of COVID-19.
  • As nonprofits pivot to all-digital programs during the pandemic, M+R is there to help with guidance on everything from fundraising to digital organizing, social media to media relations.
  • Need some tips for working from your new office a.k.a. your home? Learn from the Cornershop team and discover tried and true tips for navigating new work (and life) routines during these changing times.

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Dig in on the Supportal or Academy to brush up on your skills. Or, watch one of our Engaging Networks Foundations videos, a series we kicked off in the wake of COVID-19 to demonstrate ways you can use the Engaging Networks platform to your advantage.

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