Resolve to Do Good Data

If your New Year’s resolution is to get your life – or your closet – in order, check out Marie Kondo. But if your New Year’s resolution is to get your data in order, you’ve come to the right place! 5 Good Data Tips Nonprofits are proud of their massive email lists, and rightly so. However, we all […]

Introducing our New P2P Fundraising Platform

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You asked for a way to capitalize on the fundraising potential of your supporters’ birthdays, weddings and special events. You asked for a platform that would be easy for you – and your supporters – to manage. But you didn’t want that simplicity to come at the expense of advanced reporting and integration. You asked, […]

Advocacy Effectiveness and ROI

What Makes Online Advocacy Most Effective? We’ve spent years researching and experimenting to find out the characteristics of successful online advocacy. Here are the 14 factors that we have discovered contribute most to wins: 1. Successful Online Campaigns Have Easy-to-use Forms “In tests comparing forms with real-time feedback to those without, usability testing firm Etre […]

Integrating Engaging Networks with Raiser’s Edge

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“Raiser’s Edge” is a database used by many nonprofits worldwide as their “donor database of record.” So it’s not surprising that one of the most common questions asked by prospective Engaging Networks’ clients is: “How does your Engaging Networks software platform integrate with Raiser’s Edge?” A frequent answer to this question is the tool that […]

The Importance of Profiling

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There’s always a lot of talk about what the ‘next big thing’ or hook will be for charity e-campaigns. Is there something out there that will lead to mass participation? The next video that people pass round or the next e-action that everyone takes part in because it is so engaging. But sometimes, the whole […]

Drupal Integration

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Is Drupal the Content Management System that your website runs on? There is a Drupal module for the Engaging Networks platform that automatically builds native webforms for any of your campaigns. It supports all one and two-page campaigns. There are modules for both Drupal 6 and 7. Both require the feeds module and the webform module. Redirects are not […]

Fundraising Effectiveness and ROI

What Delights Donors And Raises Most Money Online? Combining the best of e-commerce research with our clients’ experience and benchmarking studies has taught us that: 1. Successful Online Donation Pages Are Easy To Use It’s obvious and yet so often overlooked. If your donor is put off by the form they have to fill in, […]

Email Effectiveness and ROI

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To raise maximum funds or get the most signatures for your petition, you need to know how to use email most effectively. So what are the characteristics of effective emails? Here is what we’ve learned from our research and our clients’ experience over the years: 1. Successful Emails Are Personal “Segmentation is a lot of […]