Implementation Accreditation

Coming Soon!

You and your team excel at optimizing reporting, optimizing data and helping clients thrive on existing and new systems. Be the best there is on the Engaging Networks platform. The Implementation Partner will focus on an umbrella strategy for the client / organization they’re working with.

What will an Implementation Partner be able to do?

  • Translate the client need into the use of Engaging Networks
  • Motivate the client in the use of Engaging Networks solutions
  • Create a data strategy, and set up the account structure and default supporter record
  • Manage and implement migration and connectivity to a data warehouse / data API
  • Create reports and metrics
  • System design and development
  • Understand how an organization’s data teams are structured
  • Project implementation and management of outsourced specialists
  • Understand how to implement Engaging Networks GDPR-related functionality
  • Provide an excellent client experience

Ready to maximize your data strategy or build an integration between systems that no one had done yet? Jump into the Academy to get started. We’ll let you know as soon as this accreditation category is ready.