Account Services Accreditation

Engaging Networks Account Services Partner LogoYour agency works hard to develop top notch campaign strategy that will help clients win campaigns and raise more money. Maximize your impact in the Engaging Networks platform for even more wins. The Account Services partner will focus on outsourced campaign work for clients. They may have limited technical ability on the platform and will focus on campaign strategy and content creation.

What will an Account Services Partner be able to do?

  • Manage and select audiences
  • Create and integrate top of the funnel marketing campaigns
  • Implement social sharing
  • Build acquisition campaigns
  • Create reactivation campaigns
  • Understand reporting & import/export data via dashboard
  • Create page-builder content from existing templates
  • Create broadcast emails & email automation workflows (“journeys”) from existing templates
  • Understand how to implement Engaging Networks GDPR-related functionality
  • Carry out user experience, page and email testing
  • Provide an excellent client experience

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