Engaging Networks

CRM & Data Management

Better data increases response

A life-long relationship between you and your supporter begins with good data. The more you know about your supporter, and the more sensitively you use that information, the more they will respond. Data is important for all relationships. Take, for example, your Mum’s birthday – forgetting the date would hurt your relationship.

Learn about your supporters and use that information

“Reviewing your segmentation strategy provides opportunity to not only increase ROI now, but to position your organization to prosper when the economy turns around.” – Robin Fisk, Fundraising Success

The Engaging Networks platform is designed to help you ‘remember’ and make use of this data. Our Constituent Relationship Management system:

  • Shows you all the data about each individual supporter, including donations they have made and campaigns they have participated in
  • Segments supporters by all kinds of different factors
  • Reports on trends
  • Can import and export data either by spreadsheet file (CSV, Excel) or API
  • Allows you to specify any fields in any format for your supporter record
  • Provides custom data fields for your transaction records
  • Has the facility to create, run and store complex queries for regular exports

Read more about our segmentation features here.

Synchronise with existing databases

For those who want to synchronise data to an offline database, you may need it to be stored in a particular way. So we can change the data structure of your account to match.

The column sequence of constituent data fields can be customised. This means any files you export will be appropriately formatted.

We can also integrate with other systems.